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5 Best FaceTime Alternatives in Android Phone

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Are you looking a method to attain FaceTime for Android platform?  Well as we know, there are numerous FaceTime applications are available for Android mobile phones and tablets.

If you recently switched from iOS to Android platform, then you might be feeling vacant for FaceTime audio and video calling elements.

Many people have used Apple’s FaceTime several times and according to them, it is the best things of an iOS device to stay connected with mates and loved ones.

Anyways, when it comes to the Android platform, tons of applications are present in the virtual market.

Most importantly, the FaceTime is only available on Apple pocket device and unavailable on the Android platform.

However, before moving further, there are some people who are unaware of the FaceTime.  So, FaceTime is, in fact, a proprietary application, which is owned and developed by Apple itself.


Android’s adaptability provides the users various ways in order to make video and audio calls to the friends and family.

You can conveniently locate these applications on Google play store. So, scroll down and check out the list of five best FaceTime alternatives in android application.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the exclusive video calling applications, which is developed by the Google.  It offers a variety of elements, which makes the users chat conveniently.  Elements are:

  • Simple Interface
  • HD video
  • Knock knock
  • Audio Calls
  • Cross platforms

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One of the most famous instant messaging applications i.e. WhatsApp, which now offers FaceTime features.  It is provides great time chatting with the contacts conveniently. Some of its features are:

  • Available for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Cross platforms
  • Audio calls


Viber is also an instant messaging application, which supports the folks to chat with their contacts without making too much effort.  It is a great FaceTime alternative for the people to use on the Android platform.

  • VoIP service
  • Available for iOS, Window phone, BlackBerry and lastly operating system.
  • Mostly similar to the Microsoft Skype.

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With over 600 million users connected from different countries.  This is well-know video and audio calling applications for android pocket devices, which you can use to chat at long distance.  Features are:

  • Available on iOS, Windows Smartphones, Nokia, Blackberry, Firefox OS and also involves desktop computers.
  • High-quality Video
  • Better audio clarity

Facebook Messenger

Finally, one more FaceTime alternative application for Android is the Facebook messenger.  Mainly, it is designed to send the text messages, but after attaining fame it has added some exclusive features. Such as:

  • Similar to VoLTE i.e. better voice clarity
  • HD video chatting
  • Available for both Android and iOS platforms

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So what’s the Final expression? On the whole, if you are looking for alternative FaceTime applications, then read the above-mentioned information.

Read it and attain enough knowledge to find out the best five applications without facing too many hassles.

Hope the aforesaid information help you out of this issue conveniently.

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