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Brawl Stars Hack Cheats Free Gems For Android and iOS

Brawl Star hack is helpful in earning in-game funds quickly and easily. Now the question appears how to access its services. For accessing the services, no one needs to follow a long process. The interested users need to follow a few hack steps for placing the request only. At once, a request of the players submits after that tool takes immediate action and process the request. Within a few minutes, you can see funds in the game account.

For the lovers of the action Supercell Company has launched the Brawl Stars. With the huge number of download it is evident and most the users have liked to great extent. On the initial basis the users don’t have to pay anything for the downloading. However, it is also offering the in-app purchases by which you can make it more fun giving. Battle is available in the different modes which are great. You can choose your own method of playing it. Solo playing is also available in Brawl star game.

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What is new about Brawl Star?

  • It is a mind-blowing action game which can make your day dynamic. Graphics, actions, and animations are superb.
  • You can easily spend a couple of hours on the regular basis on this particular game to have great fun.
  • The best part is that now you can have more fun with the latest brawl star cheats.

Action based game

  • In case you are looking for something new then you must try it once on your gaming device.
  • In the starting, there are no charges to download this game and you can obtain it from the internet free of cost. You can also try brawl star hack to have more fun with it.

There are great characteristics that you can enjoy without any hassle.

1-    Brawl star is available in different types and you can choose your favorite mode to play it. Some of the great modes are:

  1. Showdown
  2. Gem grab
  3. Bounty
  4. Heist
  5. Brawl Ball

2-    The player is allowed to update the game on the regular basis and has more super abilities to deal with the various situations.

3-    Brawl star can be played alone and with the friends. This depends on the player and both types of gaming are exciting and thrilling.

4-    A new concept of the battle is introduced for the players who are fed up with the traditional fighting games.

5-    It is a real-time game and thus you can have a fight with the players across the world.

6-    A special leaderboard is available by which you can have more fun and entertainment.

To have more fun in the virtual action world of brawl star you can also enjoy various tips and tricks.

Gaming resources and modes

You should find out about the gaming resources which can be transferred in different types of modes. This way you will never have to deal with the lack of resources in the gaming world. This is because some particular modes are not challenging and you can play and earn well there. You can also try brawl star cheats to earn more resources.

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Brawl Stars The Wild Bunch

Spending and collecting crystals

1-    You should know the fact that spending and earning crystals in the right quantity is necessary.

2-    You should not have too many crystals with you because whenever you die in the virtual world your enemy will be taking full advantage of your leftover crystals.

3-    Don’t make it so easy for your opponent to get the crystals. Don’t have more than 1/3 of the actual crystal requirement and keep spending them to add on more power, energy, weapons, and other sources.

To have more chances of winning you should also try Brawl star hack which is easy to use. Another biggest benefit related to the tool is that the users cannot need to pay money. The currency providing services are completely free for everyone.

How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery?

Custom ROM is something new which is trending all around and you may have heard it somewhere or find it online. The first question is what’s custom ROM? And why it is getting so hype these days? Well, there is no need to worry because we are here to pour light on this new thing.

Everyone knows that ROM means Read-Only Memory and if someone talking about custom ROM then it means he/she is talking about Phone’s firmware which is using the Google’s Android platform.

As this is open source so anyone can edit android coding and recompile it with something new which can enhance performance or provide better results.

Changing the device’s appearance or functionality is really easy with this method and Custom ROMs are developed by android authority which can be used in android Smartphone.

Custom ROM Android

Mostly these are available for free and anyone download these and these are available for Phones, tablets, media players and smart watches too.

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Things to Know about Custom ROM

When you purchase any android Smartphone from market, you can pretty much able to find that there is a stock installed which is also known as stick firmware.

This firmware have so many limitation and if someone want to exceed it then custom ROM option comes handy where you flash the previous stock ROM and install a new one which is compatible with hardware.

As you will flash the old version so there are also chances that you can end up making any mistake and making your ROM inoperable and it is called as bricking.

In such conditions, your phone become useless and it can’t be operated and this is the worst issue. Such things are but you should go wisely and follow all steps to never tackle with any sort of issue.

Steps to Install Custom ROM using TWRP

You need to flash the custom ROM in the smartphone and follow the given steps.

  • First of all, you should download and transfer the custom ROM that you want to install in your device’s storage.
  • Now, you need to boot your smartphone in the TWRP recovery mode.
  • In the recovery mode, you can easily find the “Wipe” button. By tapping on that, you to do a swipe for factory reset.
  • Now, go back and head over to main menu of this recovery mode. Hit the install button and locate it to custom ROM file that you moved to smartphone in first step.
  • You need to tap on Swipe to Confirm Flash button.  After swipe the custom ROM will begin to install in quick time.
  • After the successful installation, you will get the option like “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” and select it. Swipe to wipe now and it is done.
  • Finally, you need to wait for the completion of Cache and after that, hit Back button. Reboot your system now and everything is done.

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The flashing process is completed now and you can easily get the extreme benefit of custom ROM. It will further assist in getting better performance and great option of installing favorite apps.

Install Custom ROM

Even it is rooted now so you can use paid apps easily. It is better and reliable option.

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Final Words

If you don’t want to tackle with any sort of issue then you should follow these steps. It would be ideal to choose the compatible custom ROM for Smartphone otherwise the phone will be a paper weight only.

Hope, this guide will help in insulation of Custom ROM and making your smartphone UI better than before.

5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phone

No doubt, Android comes with a huge number of features along with plenty of tweaks that can enhance your smartphone using experience.

From playing games to browsing online, there are lots of things to do. However, using all the best apps or features can make you feel better and enjoy these services better than usual.

There are many Android Web Browsers available that you can try out for sure. Saying any of them as best will be partiality because each one has different features.

Best Android Browsers

Even each one uses the different method to connect you with internet and provide ease to you. Below mentioned are top 4 Android Web Browser with their key features that can help you find right one of need.

List of Best Web Browsers for Android –

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome for PC is highly preferred in almost every kind of task to surf online. The same goes for Google Chrome where plenty of amazing features can be acquired.

It is available for many platforms like web, Android, iOS and few more.

These factors make it better to prefer if you are using many platforms and want to use the same browser on all. It gives you better sync and stays connected.

  • Easy to use
  • Fastest web browser
  • Work like a charm
  • Sync on all devices

These are some of the key features which can make you try it out and get an enormous number of benefits. To never face a single issue, you should try out learning the key basics shown by tutorial when you install it for the first time.

  1. Mozilla Firefox


The alternative for Chrome or Internet Explorer on PC is Firefox. It offers plenty of amazing features that can help you sync from one device to another.

On the other hand, it can help in many ways due to great stability. Due to working so smooth, this browser becomes the first choice among people who want to use something different but reliable.

  • Stay away from getting tracked
  • Fast as well as intelligent search
  • Supports plug-ins and work flawlessly
  • Easily support large websites

Due to availability over both iOS and Android, it becomes the best one to prefer web browser. You can rely on it and get the benefit of all features.

The only drawback is that it works the little bit slow with Google’s websites like Youtube, Gmail and all. However, it is not a big issue that’s why you can still rely on this web browser for sure.

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  1. Dolphin Browser


A web browser that is underrated until now is Dolphin which is coming with an array of features. Most of the features are related to security and chances are higher that you will browse safely here.

It doesn’t track whatever you are browsing. The key features will help you browse safely as well as on faster speed.

  • Support Flash file easily
  • It is capable of blocking ads
  • Incognito mode work like a pro
  • Gesture control to access all features easily
  • Add-ons supported in the browser

These are key features that can make you try out this web browser. In term of availability, you can download it on both, iOS as well as Android.

  1. Firefox Focus

Firefox FocusFirefox Focus is something new that is going to fulfill your need with ease. It is not that popular still now, but it is better from the normal Mozilla Firefox.

If you are really conscious about the safety features and ad-blockers, then this web browser is defiantly going to help anyone. It is a reliable option due to this reason.

  • Fastest in all kind
  • Automatic privacy feature
  • Best for private browsing

These are some easy to acquire feature that makes this browser better to prefer. If you are willing to obtain the benefit of best features, then try to avoid browsers that aren’t from known developers.

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It will help you eradicate every single issue easily.

Bottom Line

These are some of best web browsers available for Android. You can avail all these free of cos. However, some paid web browsers can help you out too.

Try out the lightning browser, Lynket, Naked Browsers and many more. These are available for free, but you can get the paid version for better services.

How to Install LineageOS on Android Phone?

Android comes with plenty of amazing features, and it is easy to find that customization is one of the most loved features of it. You can easily download amazing apps and customize your device.

However, changing the firmware can entirely give it a different look and add new features with better accessibility.

LineageOS is an operating system, and you can easily install it in Android devices. By using this firmware, getting the benefit of better features becomes easier, and it is quite helpful too.

Install Lineage OS Android

To install LineageOS, you need to download it first of all. After that following below given steps ensure the better installation as well as easily too.

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Installing LineageOS on Android – Step by Step Guide

By following a couple of steps, one can easily install the LineageOS on Android smartphone. Make sure to follow all steps wisely.

  1. First of all, you need to download the OS and then save it in the mobile storage. Make sure to store it in the internal memory of your smartphone. It is important.
  2. Reboot your smartphone in recovery mode but make sure to backup everything in your smartphone. There are various methods, and the easy one is to shut down your smartphone. Now, hold volume down button along with Power button of your device. The entire process will not take much of your time and you can carry out it with ease.
  3. Your smartphone will turn on in recovery mode now. Samsung users should focus on three buttons, Home button, Power button and Volume button. Pressing these simultaneously is important.
  4. There is wipe option in TWRP to remove the existing software. It will do a factory reset. Now, you can find the install button, and you need to redirect it to LineageOS in your smartphone.
  5. As you will choose the zip file in the smartphone, you need to swipe, and it will ask you to “Swipe to Confirm Flash.” The custom ROM installation will begin after this.
  6. You need to add the Gapps file while saving the Lineage File. You need to install the Gapps when the file is successfully installed in your system. It will be installing all the Google Application on your smartphone.
  7. As everything will be done, there is a need for choosing “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” option. As you will swipe, all the files that are not important will be wiped up in couple minutes.

These are easy to follow steps, and you can easily install the LineageOS by this method. If you don’t want to tackle to a single issue, it is always better to focus on all steps wisely and using the right firmware.

Now, you just need to reboot smartphone and set it up as you do with a new smartphone.

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Important Note – Installing Lineage in your Android smartphone is going to void the warranty of your device. If you have a newly bought smartphone, then it is better to avoid the installation because of a single issue while installation can make your smartphone Brick.

How to Send iMessage from MAC to Android?

Apple is well known to create a closed ecosystem which makes so many issues like apple users can’t send iMessage to Android users.

It is one of most asked question that how to send iMessages to Android users. Fortunately, there is one easy to rely on the method that works perfectly, and you can try that out and Android users can iMessage.

How to send iMessage from MAC to Android?


Mainly the android users are at another end where they can’t access an iMessage. So Android users need to get the solution.

By installing a third party app, getting iMessage on Android is possible. There is an app called as weMessage which will help Mac users to send messages.

  • First of all download weMesssage on both and install.
  • Open the app on Mac, and you need to install java (mostly required).
  • Setting up the privacy setting is the next and most impotent thing.
  • Enter your Email on weMessage at mac, and the same goes for Android users.
  • You need to enter the Mac’s IP address to access it and make the connection.

Well, everything is done and therefore whenever you will send messages, the iMessage app will work smoothly.

Is There Any Alternative?

When it comes to sending messages to Android users from any iOS device, most of the people wonder about solutions.

It is easy to find that you have to use third party app to get it done and better to go for the trusted apps because you will be sending mac from these.

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Most of the people use popular Social messaging apps like Whatsapp and other from Mac but using iMessage is quite typical. Hope, this guide will help you send the message from Mac to Android end with ease.

Don’t miss the above-mentioned details and even assist out other needy individuals who are struggling to send messages.

How to Make Animated GIFs on Android Phone?

If you love to use your smartphone and chatting with friends, then you may have tried some of the amazing features while chatting. The first feature you may be trying so long is smiles.

These are really loved a lot, and you can get an amazing number of benefit with these emojis like expressing your feelings feeling become easier.

There are millions of people using emojis and getting the benefits but the time is changed, and GIFs become the new trend.

You can easily find that GIFs can be created and you have many apps available online which can provide a great number of them.

You just have to type what you need, and the GIFs are in front of you. But, the question arrives regarding new ones.

Create Animated GIFs

Most of the people desire of creating new GIFs, but it can be typical for people who haven’t tried it ever. By checking out the tips given below, you can easily create GIFs, and the below-given methods can help you convert videos into GIFs.

However, the question arrives regarding animated GIFs. These are widely popular, and you can easily create them by following this guide.

Using Third-party Apps for GIF Creation

There are plenty of smartphone apps which can help you create animated GIFs on your Android smartphone. Even many of them work on IOS devices too. There is just need of finding the perfect app that is easy to use and reliable.

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GIFDroid is easy to use, and it can help you out in many ways because it can help you create whatever you want.

  • There are many options that you easily find in this app. First of all press the select video or record video button. Both options will let you choose the type of you to need. It is better to create a video before and then choosing it.
  • You have to look for the area of video that you want to convert into the animated GIF. Even there is an option to slide the gray bars in the starting of video as well as at the end of video. It is easy.
  • By choosing the edit GIF option, you are able to change the FPS as well as the delay between the frames. Even it will help you choose the size of the resulting GIF.
  • You need to choose the frames that you love the most in that particular video and you have the option to cut out sections so use them. Even you can reduce the size of this animation clip to need.
  • Now, choose the create GIF text option, and it is given in the bottom right-hand corner. It is better that you take the preview of video, so you never face a single issue. For sure, it will not take much of your time to create the GIF and you can start sharing it.

The process is complete, and you need to name the clip and share it with friends. Now, you can easily get the benefit of all the GIFs. Make sure to send it as if you want and get the benefit of all.

Creating GIFs from Video

It is always better to use some of best apps to create GIFs because these offer the great number of features.

Tenor and many other apps are available to provide you the huge number of GIFs, and you can turn normal videos into GIF. It is really easy and works perfectly.

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Do you know that you can create GIF using messaging apps? Yes, apps like Whatsapp are offering such options to convert your videos into GIFs.

  • Open WhatsApp and head over to the inbox where you want to send the GIF. Just for example you are sending to one of your friends so open his chat box.
  • Click on “Camera” icon given below, and it will give you the option to click photo. You can also create a video using same icon.
  • Just create a video and then you can find the option of sending video or GIF on the same clip. Choose GIF and send it.

The process of converting the video into GIF is not a complicated one for sure. You can use this method and create some of awesome GIF. You can choose the video and convert that into the GIF.

How to Sync or Transfer Contacts between Android, iPhone and Web?

There are lots of people using iOS devices as well as Android devices on a daily basis. However, the basic issue is with the synching of contacts.

However, this issue can be eradicated by various methods. With the use of some third-party apps, it is easy to resolve but make sure to focus on the use of apps that work on both platforms.

What’s The Exact Issue?

Android and iOS are two different platforms and both work perfectly on their own, but they have very few connections.

Sync Contacts Android iPhone

Using the third party let you set the connection between both devices. Using any of the apps on both platforms can help you sync contact with each other. It is better and reliable option that can help you in various manners.

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How to Sync Contacts?

If you are using iCloud on your iOS device, then you can access the contacts on the web but not on android. However, if you use Google, then it becomes easy to get rid of all the issues.

You can head over to settings in Apple device then open contacts option here. You need to swipe down a little to access this feature.

Open the default account section and choose Gmail. However, you need to add the Gmail account before heading over to this step.

How to Add Gmail Account On Apple?

Open settings on the iOS device and then head over to Accounts & Password section. Here, you can find add account button.

Tap on it, and it will provide you a couple of options. The option that you need is Google here. As you choose Google, the login screen for Gmail will load up in a couple of seconds.

Type your account address and then press “Next.” Type your account password, and it will provide you the option to sync contacts and other things like notes and few more.

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Choose the features you want to get the benefit of. Everything is done after this.

Bottom Line

You need to follow the first option of setting the default account. It will take a couple of minutes to load up all the contacts.

It is really easy, and if you set the default of Contact on Gmail then you can use the same account on other device, and all the data will be synced on both.

Every time you will save a contact in iOS then it will be available on Android too.

How to Monitor Data Usage on Android Phone?

A limited data plan always causes the most of issues to users. It is one of the worst issues tackled by US people. Several carrier providers are available out there, and many of them provide a limited amount.

The worst issue is excessive overage fees, and everyone really hates it.

Crossing the limit is not an issue, but the overcharge or the deduction of main balance is worst one.

It’s the reason that most of the users need to stay careful and monitor the data time to time. Android users have some inbuilt features to help out whereas iOS users can’t track the usage.

Android Data Usage

Well, there are a couple of methods which can help in the elimination of such issues with ease. There are many methods to see the data usage.

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Data Usage Option

It is easy to find that Android has the Data Usage option from years. Even this feature offers plenty of options to help you out.

  • Open settings of your Android smartphone.
  • Scroll down a little, and you can find Data Usage option.
  • There are dates given, and you need to choose the data usage cycle here.
  • Change the cycle according to your internet plan data.
  • Make sure to set the date wisely like most of the internet plans are available for 28 days.

It can help you choose a cycle and check out the data used by every single app.

If any of the apps are consuming too much data in the background, you can restrict background data usage by tapping on the app and hitting restrict background data option.

Set Data Limit in your Android Smartphone

If you don’t want to end up using too much data, then there are various methods to help you out. Just by setting the data limit, you can avoid excessive usage.

Click on Set Mobile Data Limit option and a red bar on the graph will be available. You can move it in an upward direction to choose the data limit.

Set it wisely as per the cycle of the internet. In the end, you can breath easy as, after this particular step, all things will fall in line. There are some third-party apps available to monitor data usage.

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If you search “Internet Speed Meter” on Google Play, many apps will be in the result. Check out few of them according to reviews and rating and everything is done.

You can enjoy all those amazing applications. Even, these apps will help you monitor data in the notification panel. It is a reliable option for those who love to browse on Social media and watch videos.

In such conditions, you can find that the internet usage is high and it empties up very fast.

How to Turn Galaxy S9 into Google Pixel 2?

Samsung’s latest smartphone Galaxy S9 is surely taking over the smartphone industry with its unique design, features and camera quality. The bezel-free display with the curve on both edges makes it the best in all. But, coming to the interface, many love the TouchWiz UI whereas some want to customize it.

If you are someone to experience the same galaxy phone by the Stock version of Android, there are couples of things to do. You can do the makeover, and there is no need of rooting your smartphone.

It can take little time to customize all, but you are defiantly going to love the smoothness and UI.   Ripping off TouchWiz isn’t possible as it is part of the firmware. But, some methods can help you make it look similar to Pixel 2.

Galaxy Google Pixel 2

You can get Dialer, wallpaper, messages and other apps to perform same as Pixel 2’s interface. The process of turning your Galaxy device to Pixel starts with the launcher. Let’s begin it and learn to install every single mod.

Installing Launcher for Google Pixel

Unlike Nova or Action Launcher, Pixel launcher is quite different, and you need to download it. Unfortunately, you can’t get it from Google Play Store, so, you need to prefer other websites.

Downloading the Apk of Pixel 2 is the first and major step for the makeover of your smartphone. There are many websites to sideload the app, but you should go with the trusted sources.

Using the web browsers like Samsung Browser and others expect Chrome will help you get the apk easily. It is better and reliable option to go with. However, if you are using Google Chrome to download it, then there may be need of giving the permission for apk downloads.

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It’s the time to install the launcher. Provide permissions to unknown sources from settings, apps. After it, you can install the launcher without any issue. As the launcher is installed, press home button and enjoy the new makeover

This launcher will be identical to the launcher of Pixel 2 and such other Google’s devices. The next step is to install apps that can help you gain more access and they are similar to Google. It will be better to set the Pixel 2 launcher as default.

Install Google Dialer

It is quite easy to find that Google Dialer isn’t available at Play Store as it is only available in the official devices. If you want to use the Dialer of Pixel 2, then there is need of downloading the patch version.

A couple of websites can help you to get the dialer without any issue, but it will be better to prefer a safe source.

Make sure to check out the reviews of dialer patch because some may cause issues or slow down your device in various manners.

A good dialer is worth using, and it is reliable option to make your smartphone look more like a Pixel 2. After installing it, you have to set it by default.

By setting such apps as default, you will get all the calls in this app, and you can call from the same too.

Make sure to provide all the permissions like allowing access to phone calls, camera, contact and such other. These are required to make calls and show you contact list. You can get a great number of features in this app.

Android Message App  

With apps like Android Message, your smartphone will need more custom and better looking than usual. It is better looking, clean, and comes with a great number of features.

Even this app will support the new RCS universal profile which can provide a great number of benefits while texting for iMessage. It works perfectly when texting on Sprint or T-mobile.

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The best thing about this app is availability. You can download it from Google Play Store, and it has a small size. These factors make it work smoothly without any sort of lag and you can rely on it.

But, it will be better to set it as default otherwise you will get messages on both. Even you can disable the app offered in the TouchWiz.


It will be better to use trusted apps or makeovers. Using the patched apps can be harmful as if you download it from non-trusted sources.

The great alternative to such issue is Nova or Action Launcher. Both are clean and provide a great number of options in the app.

Many of YouTubers who are using S9 or S9+ prefer launchers instead of patch due to safety issues.

How to Enable Full Screen Camera Shots on Galaxy S9?

Samsung launched their high-end smartphone Galaxy S9 that is known as one of the best smartphones in camera. Both models, S9 and S9+, are offering the huge amount of great features in their camera app as well as great quality. With this particular smartphone, you can easily find many reasons to buy it, especially you will enjoy the feature of super slow-motion camera.

So, if you are someone who purchased it and ready to click awesome pictures but don’t know how then there are few things to do.

The first thing is to change the camera setting and enable the full-screen camera shot mode. It will give you the better view and ability to click mind-blowing and stunning pictures.

Galaxy S9 Camera Shots

Using the camera in manual mode can help too. For now, let’s begin with the full-screen camera shoot option.

Even it will help you change the aspect ratio. The normal aspect ratio is 4:3 working on the 12MP high resolution.

However, if you want to change it to full screen then the aspect ratio will be 18.5:9 and it can make your pictures look better.

Procedure to Change aspect ratio

There are just a few steps to follow and you can get full-screen view. Even you are not going to find any lag or such other issue.

  1. Open the camera app and you can prefer any from Front and Back. Choose as per your preference.
  2. There is the setting button in the bottom left side. The very next is a rectangular shaped icon and it will help you change the ratio.
  3. When you tap on it, the aspect ratio will change, but it can crop down a little part of pictures.

This method works perfectly and you can rely on it and you will also find one more method to set the full-screen camera as default.

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Open settings in camera and tap on picture size option.  Now, you should choose the ratio 18.5:9 7.9 MP. In the end, you will find required changes in the default settings.

I hope you have liked this article. If you want to query more then you can post down your comments below.