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5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phone

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No doubt, Android comes with a huge number of features along with plenty of tweaks that can enhance your smartphone using experience.

From playing games to browsing online, there are lots of things to do. However, using all the best apps or features can make you feel better and enjoy these services better than usual.

There are many Android Web Browsers available that you can try out for sure. Saying any of them as best will be partiality because each one has different features.

Best Android Browsers

Even each one uses the different method to connect you with internet and provide ease to you. Below mentioned are top 4 Android Web Browser with their key features that can help you find right one of need.

List of Best Web Browsers for Android –

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome for PC is highly preferred in almost every kind of task to surf online. The same goes for Google Chrome where plenty of amazing features can be acquired.

It is available for many platforms like web, Android, iOS and few more.

These factors make it better to prefer if you are using many platforms and want to use the same browser on all. It gives you better sync and stays connected.

  • Easy to use
  • Fastest web browser
  • Work like a charm
  • Sync on all devices

These are some of the key features which can make you try it out and get an enormous number of benefits. To never face a single issue, you should try out learning the key basics shown by tutorial when you install it for the first time.

  1. Mozilla Firefox


The alternative for Chrome or Internet Explorer on PC is Firefox. It offers plenty of amazing features that can help you sync from one device to another.

On the other hand, it can help in many ways due to great stability. Due to working so smooth, this browser becomes the first choice among people who want to use something different but reliable.

  • Stay away from getting tracked
  • Fast as well as intelligent search
  • Supports plug-ins and work flawlessly
  • Easily support large websites

Due to availability over both iOS and Android, it becomes the best one to prefer web browser. You can rely on it and get the benefit of all features.

The only drawback is that it works the little bit slow with Google’s websites like Youtube, Gmail and all. However, it is not a big issue that’s why you can still rely on this web browser for sure.

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  1. Dolphin Browser


A web browser that is underrated until now is Dolphin which is coming with an array of features. Most of the features are related to security and chances are higher that you will browse safely here.

It doesn’t track whatever you are browsing. The key features will help you browse safely as well as on faster speed.

  • Support Flash file easily
  • It is capable of blocking ads
  • Incognito mode work like a pro
  • Gesture control to access all features easily
  • Add-ons supported in the browser

These are key features that can make you try out this web browser. In term of availability, you can download it on both, iOS as well as Android.

  1. Firefox Focus

Firefox FocusFirefox Focus is something new that is going to fulfill your need with ease. It is not that popular still now, but it is better from the normal Mozilla Firefox.

If you are really conscious about the safety features and ad-blockers, then this web browser is defiantly going to help anyone. It is a reliable option due to this reason.

  • Fastest in all kind
  • Automatic privacy feature
  • Best for private browsing

These are some easy to acquire feature that makes this browser better to prefer. If you are willing to obtain the benefit of best features, then try to avoid browsers that aren’t from known developers.

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It will help you eradicate every single issue easily.

Bottom Line

These are some of best web browsers available for Android. You can avail all these free of cos. However, some paid web browsers can help you out too.

Try out the lightning browser, Lynket, Naked Browsers and many more. These are available for free, but you can get the paid version for better services.

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