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How to Enable / Disable USB Ports in Windows?

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The USB is known as the Universal Serial Bus, which is an extremely famous PC hardware interface.  It is launched in around 1995 to offers the people a new way to controls their computer without facing any sorts of complications.

In addition, with the advancement in the technology, there are lots of changes folks have seen in their life related to the USB.

Also, there are tons of benefits that USB Port holds, which support the users to connect hundreds of thousands of devices with ease.

Moreover, the PC devices are available in the form of keyboards, Mouse, Joysticks, printers, and much more stuff.

USB Ports

Most importantly, the presence of this kind of port has enhanced the reputation of the Plug and play.  It is also strongly connected with the term hot-swappable.

What is hot-swappable? Well, the device, which can be linked and disconnected without making any computer intervention or rebooted.

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Conversely, there are tons of people who are unaware of enabling and disabling the USB port in a window.

So, if you are one of them, then follow the given below instruction to activate them without making too many efforts.

Required Material

  • Computer with Use Ports.
  • Microsoft Windows with minimum 7 window configuration.
  • Motherboard Certification.

Learn Steps To Activate And Deactivate The USB Ports

Follow the following steps in order to enable and disable the USB ports on the operating system.  Steps are:

Steps 1:  In order to prevent the unauthorized transfer of data via USB device, the USB port is disabled purposely.  So, to activate such element, you need to press the Start button and right tap on the “My computer” option.

Step 2:  Select the “Manage” option from the context menu to open the PC management window.  Press on the System tools, which is available on the left panel.  With the option, you can conveniently see the connected device with your computer at the right side.

Step 3:  Tap on the + sign next to the USB controller options to extend it.  Afterward, right click on the USB Root hub and choose Enable.

Step 4: Press on the file menu and select the Exit option to close the computer management window.  Reboot the computer system to make sure the transformation take place.

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Step 5:  Hit it off on the Performance and Maintenance category and choose the System option.

Step 6:  Tap on the Hardware tab and click on the device manager option.  In the device manager window, you need to extend the button for the USB category.

Step 7:  Choose the USB Root hub entry and tap on the Enable icon on the list toolbar at the right upper side of the Device manager option window.  Press on it and go to the file menu and lastly Exit.

Step 8:  To activate the USB port from the window registry and press the Start button in order to select the Run button.

Step 9:  Write regedit in the open box and tap on the Ok switch to bring up Registry editor element.

Step 10:  Extend the system category beneath the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE.  Tap on the + beside the present control set and select the services.

Step 11:  Press the USB STOR option.  It will lead you to the list of the registry keys in the right pane window.  After then, double tap on the commence key and replicate its value with the 3.  Most importantly, make sure that the Hexadecimal is already selected.

Step 12:  Click on the Ok button and Exit from the Registry to finish the procedure of enabling and disabling the USB port.

Final Words

The more direct mechanism is to reboot the PC system and open the Bios setting configuration window.

Go to the motherboard’s documentation to identify the access points of the Bios settings in order to enable and disable UBS ports.

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On the whole, there is no need to be troubled anymore regarding the activating the USB ports.

Read the above-mentioned information and follow the steps to gain success without facing any sorts of complications.

Understand the writing and overcome all your hassles without making too much effort.

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