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How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp?

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Someone has Blocked you and you don’t know whether he or she is avoiding you on WhatsApp. If this is the problem,  You should keep reading this article because today I will show you some easy methods to check if Someone has Blocked you or not.

There can be many Reasons if your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is avoiding or ignoring you. Maybe, you had a breakup recently and messed up something with him or her.

Whatsapp Blocked

Without looking into your personal matters, let’s find out are you blocked or not?

Steps to Find if He / She Blocked you on WhatsApp –

To Find out exactly, you need to follow these Steps:

STEP 1: Profile Picture (DP) –

Look into the profile picture of the user. If you are not able to see his / her DP then probably that person might have blocked you.

Whatsapp Blocked

There can be another reason as well. The user might have removed your Number instead of Blocking. So, we would recommend you reading Tip number 2.

STEP 2: Check Last Seen –

WhatsApp has a feature called “Last Seen”. This feature lets you check when he/she came last online on WhatsApp. If you are unable to check last seen of the user then there are chances that you are blocked or else they might have hidden their last seen from all users.

STEP 3: One Tick –

You can try sending your Crush / Friend a Message. If you see one Tick (Sent) and not double tick then there are 90% chances that the user might have blocked you.

Here are details about Whatsapp Ticks / Check Sign:

1 Tick – Message Sent from your Device

2 Ticks – Message Received by the Recipient

Blue Tick – Message Read by the Recipient

STEP 4: Check Status –

When someone blocks you, You cannot see His or her Status on WhatsApp. With this, you can be sure that you are blocked or not.

WhatsApp allows you to hide your status as well. You can show your status to all Contacts or Restricted to yourself.

To get more Success Rate, you should move onto the next Step.

STEP 4: Check Online Status –

Now, this Step gives you 75% Success rate. But still, there are chances that you are not blocked. If you are not able to see “Online” Status of the user then you might have been blocked by that person.

On the other hand, the person may not be using WhatsApp and that’s why he didn’t came online.

But with this technique, you can be sure that you are blocked by that user or not. If you want more success rate then you should try a Unique method.

This method has a 100% Success rate that the user has blocked you or not.

So, let’s get started with the Unique Method.

STEP 5: Unique Working Method (100% Success Rate) –

Create a WhatsApp Group with any name you want. To do this, You need to click on Top Right corner of WhatsApp Home Screen.

By clicking on “New Group” button, it will show you the list of contacts to add in that particular group.

Whatsapp Block Contact

Now try adding that User in the newly created group. Once the group created, Check group participants and check the number.

Whatsapp Block Contact

If you are not able to find that Number then try adding it again.

By trying again, It might show you “Couldn’t add 91XXXXXXXXX”.

Whatsapp Block Contact

If this is the case, Then that user have Blocked you on WhatsApp for Sure. Sorry, you can’t do anything except that user Unblocks you again.

If that user is already in a group in which you are a participant then you can chat with him/her without any problems.

I will write a new post telling about the whole method of how to chat with Blocked Contacts.

Final Words

So, these were the methods through which you can find out who Blocked you. In My Opinion, you should try out Stepwise Instruction given above. If these don’t work then you should finally try out Unique Method.

If you have any questions to ask about WhatsApp then do it right now. You can comment down below and I will try to answer all of your questions. Till then, bye-bye!

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