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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards & Codes?

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Do you want to get free Amazon gift card to shop for your needy stuff and getting awesome products? Who doesn’t love to get things for free? Well, I am here to help you with all the methods that can provide free Amazon gift cards.

There are so many tricks that can provide you with free Amazon gift card that is sufficient and reliable to fulfill the need.

It is sure that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website available in many countries and known for huge variety and discounts.

One can buy the needy stuff with the help of online payment, but there are some other methods to help an individual. Using a gift card is reliable, and it definitely comes handy to shop with safety.


Don’t have a gift card? Hey… Chill! There is no need to worry about a single thing. There are plenty of methods to help you out for sure.

One of the easy methods to get the Free gift card is asking from parents or relatives that are going to visit. But, you can’t ask directly which makes it the harder option.

Instead of making much mess, it will be better to get deep inside and knowing about all the methods that can fulfill your needs.

I am mentioning some of the easy methods that I have preferred to shop for free on Amazon using the gift card, and you can try out such methods too.

Let’s learn about each and every method!

Some Easy Methods To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are plenty of easy and reliable methods that can help with free Amazon gift card. You can try out each and every one from the given ones. Try out now and shop for free.

1. Using Swagbucks

You must be wondering that what is Swagbucks but many may know about it. I have used this website and earned a lot with ease.


However, it is not completely free because you have to spend a little amount of time and a little effort in a month.

It is a survey platform that requires you to complete the daily survey and earn points. The points are convertible, and you can get Amazon gift card, PayPal money and lot more by this method.

There is a need to sign up on this platform, and everything is done. Even you will get a bonus on sign up, so, try it out now.

2. Download Featured apps for Free Amazon Balance

There are so many apps that provide you the bonus on the download of features apps which can help in various manners.

Downloading apps from amazon

Swagbucks also offer their apps, but you can find out MyPoints, iPoll,  App Trailer and the lot more to earn free amazon gift card.

You have to install the featured apps and use them for a few minutes. Earning the points become easier and then you are able to convert all which will ease up the work.

Even such apps offer you also survey that can provide you more Amazon balance, and it is really an easy to follow method.

When I learned about such methods, I was thinking about another scam but these work for real. Make sure to use a reliable platform or the app.

3. Trade In Program

Amazon offers a trade-in program in which you are able to trade all the items that you have for free gift cards. Many items can be traded in this program.

You can try out things like cellphones, tablets, laptops, books, cameras, video game consoles, Playstations, Xbox and such other stuff to earn the gift card.

If you have lots of things that are in waste and you don’t use them much then, it will be better to trade them all and earn free Amazon gift card. It is the easy and reliable option.

You may feel worried about the payment but don’t worry because it will take ten maximum days to Amazon and your free gift card will be in the mail.

4. Evaluating Products

In term of reliability, evaluating products on Amazon is also a good option, and you can try it out without any issue.

When I used this method, I gained lots of bonus. You have the product report card, and there is the need for creating account and surveying products online.

The more surveys you take, the more bonus you earn, and it will provide you with free gifts, and it can also help to get Amazon gift card easily.

Are Amazon Gift Card Generators Real?

One of the alternatives that you should be avoiding is hack tools that claim to be the best and offering free gift card codes. In Reality, The amazon gift code Generators are not real at all.

Warning: Using Amazon Gift card Hack, Generators cheats can be harmful, and it is non-Legit.

With the help of legit methods that are mentioned above, getting free Amazon gift card is easy. But, if you prefer the hacks or cheats, you are surely messing with the wrong thing.

Even many tools may ask for your Amazon account ID, password and if you provide all, then chances of facing issues are higher. You can lose the account and face more issues lately.

Most of the people who prefer such methods face lots of issues lately that’s why it will be better to avoid those.

Make sure that you don’t use such methods as if you don’t want to get behind bars.

Amazon is trying their best to keep their database safe and not letting anyone breach it. If any app or website is trying, then they are using your account, and the chances are higher that you will face issues.

These are some of the major reasons that you should stay selective and avoid all the free methods that claim to be best and make sure to check reviews also.


Amazon is a widely known for the best platform to buy products online, and it is the biggest platform.

If anyone is trying to breach then Amazon is not letting him go. In other words, Don’t try to cheat with such hacks and all because such things can make you set in trouble.

Always prefer a legit method and above given are all the legit method that I have used numerous times and you can try them out also.

There are so many platforms that offer you to take the survey and earn but make sure to choose a good platform. Not all the platforms are good that’s why you have to stay selective.

You can check out the reviews so that you find the one that is able to fulfill your need with ease. Hope, this guide to obtain free amazon gift cards will help you and provide a free bonus.

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