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How to Block Popup or Intrusive Ads on Android Phone?

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While surfing online and reading any of awesome articles, some pop up intrusive ads irritate the most. These can make you stop reading and hitting the page delete button.

Almost everyone does the same. However, there are some easy to rely on methods which can help you out in the removal of popup as well as intrusive ads from any android phone.

Block Popup Ads on Android

Methods to Remove ads from Android Smartphone

By following the six steps given below, you can get rid of all the issues quite effectively as well as easily.

  1. First of all, open Google Chrome which is default web browser on an Android smartphone.
  2. Click on more button. The three verticals dots icon is menu button, and it will pop down a list.
  3. Tap on the settings button. The option is at the end of this list. Inside it, you can find the Site Settings option.
  4. Tap on Pop-Ups, and you will get the slider. It will turn off every kind of pop-up on websites. And it is quite easy to do
  5. You may need to touch the slider button again, and everything will be done because the feature will be disabled completely.

This method will work effectively to get rid of, but it will work for simple pop-ups. It can make things easier.

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If you are seriously willing to rip off advertisement permanently, then plug-ins can help. However, the mobile version of Google Chrome doesn’t support it.

If you want to get rid of all, then it is better to try out Samsung Internet browser or Firefox on mobile. Ghostery is one of popular ad blocker, and it also blocks trackers.

Pop-ups in particular apps

If you are using an app and it is seriously showing you pop-up all around, then this app may be the culprit. You can ensure it by turning off the mobile data access to that particular app from settings.

Now, use the same app, and if it stopped showing ads, then you need to decide whether to keep this app or not. Most of the games are offering such things which can cause numerous issues.

On the other hand, such apps offer a pro version with no ads and better features. You can buy those apps, and it is quite an effective solution to get rid of all.

However, you should stay selective in approach and ensure that which app is behind the suspicious ads.

What’s more?

There are some Android users who can face ads on the screen. What does it mean? Well, the adds are running on the UI of the smartphone.

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It means that you aren’t using any app, but the ads are on screen. Well, you can get rid of such ads by many methods.

  • If you have a rooted android phone, then chances of facing ads are higher. The firmware you have installed may contain ads. In such conditions, you should install the official firmware. It will eradicate the ads issue quite effective.
  • As you see ads even you haven’t root your smartphone then chances are higher than any of the app is behind it. Stop background internet access to all apps and try out each one. The app which shows ads while using must be behind the issue. Remove such apps to get rid of all issues.

These two methods are quite effective and helpful to eradicate most issues related to popups and intrusive ads. Even you can try out some other solutions like Master reset. It will take down every single issue permanently.

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