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How to Boot MAC on Recovery Mode?

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Sometimes you can find issue with the startup in a Mac and many reasons may be behind it but the great solution to your issue is to use recovery mode.

Even if you are selling your Mac and wipe it out completely, the recovery mode comes handy again. Reason can be any but this mode is quite helpful and reliable to go with.

It is going to fix problems with the disc, or related to the older versions of a MacOS. Various methods are available to boot in recovery mode and the below-given steps offer easy one.

Terminal MAC

Entering Recovery Mode in MAC

To enter recovery mode, follow given four steps. If these methods don’t work then you need to go for repair or customer support.

  • Turn on your Macbook, click on Apple logo (at the top corner of left). Just navigate your pointer to it with touchpad and open it up.
  • Tap on Reboot button and it will start again now. Meanwhile, Press “Command + R” buttons. A spinning globe will appear and it will load recovery screen.
  • This mode work on the internet that’s why makes sure to have a working internet connection connected.
  • It will show many options that can help you to fulfill the need with ease. Choose the option and many options will appear in that particular section.

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As you want to restore or want to do anything with disk utility, choose the right option.

What Can You Do With Recovery Mode?

A couple of things can be done in recovery mode and the given below is the list of things to do –

  • If you want to restore Time Machine Backup then the recovery mode is required.
  • You can use disk utility which will help you verify and repair connected drives
  • You are also able to check out the internet connection and troubleshoot issues.
  • It becomes easy to get help online with the help of safari and it is the reliable option.
  • If you want to reinstall MacOS or just a new install or upgrade, this mode will help.

Recovery Mode

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The above-given things can be done with ease. Just make sure to know important things like how to use any of the options from given above and try that again. Make sure to have an internet connection otherwise it won’t work.

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