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How to Disable True Tone Display in iPhone X?

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Apple always comes up with some of the amazing features and if you are an IOS user then you may know about flagships offered.

The latest hi-end smartphone from Apple, iPhone X is surely ruling over with some great features along with unique design.

Apple introduced True Tone display which can help the front-facing sensors to optimize the display’s white balance as per the need.

It works automatically and adjust white balance and make your smartphone easy to use. It mainly balances the ambient lighting.

However, it becomes annoying sometimes and you can find that this looks worst. Even looking at your screen in night time or outdoor becomes typical and you face numerous issues.

True Tone Display

It is way different from Night Shift option also so it is hardly loved by few users.

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 How to turn True Tone Off in iPHONE X?

Most of the display settings are easy to do and it can be done by following the steps given below. It will help in disabling true tone display and making it stable.

  • Open “Settings” on your phone and open up “Display & Brightness” column here which can be done by 3D touch too.
  • You can find so many options related to brightness control and others here like Night shift and true tone.
  • The “True Tone” button is below brightness and you have to tap on it to turn it off permanently.
  • Now, if you want to use “True Tone” then follow the same steps and turn it on to get the benefits.

Other Methods to Disable True Tone –

  • Apple 3D touch screen is offering numerous options which can help in doing things with ease.
  • Swipe up from the main screen or from any of the app. Control Center will be in front of you to access.
  • Use 3D touch on brightness slider which will show you more controls like night shift and true tone.
  • If you don’t know that how to use 3D touch then just press the brightness slider with little force.
  • Tap on “True Tone “option and it will turn off now. There is just need of a single click to turn it off.

Both the methods work effectiveness. Even there is a shortcut to open “Display & Brightness. You need to hard press on setting icon.

In another word, you need to use 3D touch and a pop down or up menu will be there with few options. Choose the right option of need and everything is done.

Final Words

If you really love to use your iPhone 8, 8 plus or X then try out the true tone for a couple of days before turning it off directly.

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Sometimes, it helps a lot. The only issue regarding true tone is faced by gamers because they feel less bright display which makes it less effective to play some vivid and high-end graphics.

Hope, this basic guide to disable and enable True Tone display will help in getting rid of some common issues with ease.

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