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How to Enable Full Screen Camera Shots on Galaxy S9?

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Samsung launched their high-end smartphone Galaxy S9 that is known as one of the best smartphones in camera. Both models, S9 and S9+, are offering the huge amount of great features in their camera app as well as great quality. With this particular smartphone, you can easily find many reasons to buy it, especially you will enjoy the feature of super slow-motion camera.

So, if you are someone who purchased it and ready to click awesome pictures but don’t know how then there are few things to do.

The first thing is to change the camera setting and enable the full-screen camera shot mode. It will give you the better view and ability to click mind-blowing and stunning pictures.

Galaxy S9 Camera Shots

Using the camera in manual mode can help too. For now, let’s begin with the full-screen camera shoot option.

Even it will help you change the aspect ratio. The normal aspect ratio is 4:3 working on the 12MP high resolution.

However, if you want to change it to full screen then the aspect ratio will be 18.5:9 and it can make your pictures look better.

Procedure to Change aspect ratio

There are just a few steps to follow and you can get full-screen view. Even you are not going to find any lag or such other issue.

  1. Open the camera app and you can prefer any from Front and Back. Choose as per your preference.
  2. There is the setting button in the bottom left side. The very next is a rectangular shaped icon and it will help you change the ratio.
  3. When you tap on it, the aspect ratio will change, but it can crop down a little part of pictures.

This method works perfectly and you can rely on it and you will also find one more method to set the full-screen camera as default.

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Open settings in camera and tap on picture size option.  Now, you should choose the ratio 18.5:9 7.9 MP. In the end, you will find required changes in the default settings.

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