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How to Find Lost Apple iPhone?

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No doubt, Apple Smartphone and other devices are too much costly as compared to others but serve the best features and premium quality too.

IOS devices lie in the ecosystem. Many of you may be thinking that what’s the ecosystem? Well, an ecosystem is sync of all the IOS devices using iCloud which makes it better to use.

If you lost your iPhone and looking for solutions to find it out then there are some easy and reliable method which can help in it.

Find Lost Iphone

All the iPhones have “Find My iPhone” option and if it is turned on then you can easily find it out. In this condition, you can find your smartphone easily.

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Steps to Find Lost Apple iPhone –

The “Find My iPhone” option play the major role here as you can take additional action by this method

  1. You need to use any other device to begin with. Open iCloud web version on Mac or PC. Here, you have to sign in using the same icloud account that is used in your stolen or lost smartphone.
  2. You can do the same from another smartphone where you need to open up “Find My Iphone App”. Any iphone, iPad or iPod touch can be used in this work.
  3. Now, you can check out the location of your smartphone on map with ease and if the device is really nearby then tap on play sound button and it will start making some sort of noisy sound which is easy to hear.
  4. Just by clicking on Lost mode button, you are able to lock your smartphone remotely and a passcode can be used to make it secure. Even you are able to show a custom message on display.
  5. By displaying your phone number on lost phone, you can be assured that someone will return it. However, you should keep the track of device’s location.

Your personal information and other data is safe now.

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If you have added any sort of information like debit or credit card then apple pay won’t work from the lost device which means your information is safe than before.

Final Words

You should go to police station and report about lost smartphone. It will help them help you out.

By reporting to law enforcement, you are safe and there is nothing to worry about because they will help as if you can find the location on map.

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