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How to FIX Blue Screen on MAC?

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Blue screen on PC is common, and almost everyone tackles such issues with older version of PC or Mac. However, Mac users face the worst problem and resolving it out is quite typical. Many methods can help in fixing the blue screen. Here’s what to do –

FIX Blue Screen on MAC

  1. It is likely the issue with startup, or it can be an issue related to peripheral connected to Mac.
  2. You should remove all the drives or other gadgets connected to your Mac and try it again.
  3. Make sure to keep Mouse and Keyboard attached as if it is a desktop mac.
  4. Shut down Your Mac and wait up to 30 seconds and more. Start it again.
  5. Chances are higher that it will boot this time and you need to find the peripherals causing issues.

Most of the time, this method, and it is quite helpful to take down most of the issues. However, if it doesn’t work, then there is need of trying out other methods.

FIX Bluescreen MAC

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Alternative Methods for FIX

You used the first method, but that doesn’t work at all. Well, it is time to look for other options. Follow the below-given steps –

  1. You should boot your Mac in Safe Mode. While starting to uphold the Shift key until the Apple Logo appears.
  2. If you logged in into Safe Mode, then it is automatically going to resolve the issue. Restart your Mac now but turn it on in normal mode without doing anything.
  3. For pretty much certain reason, the blue screen will be fixed this time.
  4. However, if the issue is still there, you need to update the operating system.
  5. To upgrade OS, get into the safe mode again. Tap on Apple Menu, Click on the Mac button and choose software update

You can find that your Mac will be fixed with the update but if don’t then check out system preferences and users. Make sure to check out login and other information.

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If everything is alright, then your mac will be able to boot in normal mode. You should delete all the login items because these can be behind the blue screen.

Final Words

If you don’t want to get into any issue, then it will be better to call Apple Support and telling the problem. An authenticated repair center will fix this issue easily, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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