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How to Install LineageOS on Android Phone?

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Android comes with plenty of amazing features, and it is easy to find that customization is one of the most loved features of it. You can easily download amazing apps and customize your device.

However, changing the firmware can entirely give it a different look and add new features with better accessibility.

LineageOS is an operating system, and you can easily install it in Android devices. By using this firmware, getting the benefit of better features becomes easier, and it is quite helpful too.

Install Lineage OS Android

To install LineageOS, you need to download it first of all. After that following below given steps ensure the better installation as well as easily too.

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Installing LineageOS on Android – Step by Step Guide

By following a couple of steps, one can easily install the LineageOS on Android smartphone. Make sure to follow all steps wisely.

  1. First of all, you need to download the OS and then save it in the mobile storage. Make sure to store it in the internal memory of your smartphone. It is important.
  2. Reboot your smartphone in recovery mode but make sure to backup everything in your smartphone. There are various methods, and the easy one is to shut down your smartphone. Now, hold volume down button along with Power button of your device. The entire process will not take much of your time and you can carry out it with ease.
  3. Your smartphone will turn on in recovery mode now. Samsung users should focus on three buttons, Home button, Power button and Volume button. Pressing these simultaneously is important.
  4. There is wipe option in TWRP to remove the existing software. It will do a factory reset. Now, you can find the install button, and you need to redirect it to LineageOS in your smartphone.
  5. As you will choose the zip file in the smartphone, you need to swipe, and it will ask you to “Swipe to Confirm Flash.” The custom ROM installation will begin after this.
  6. You need to add the Gapps file while saving the Lineage File. You need to install the Gapps when the file is successfully installed in your system. It will be installing all the Google Application on your smartphone.
  7. As everything will be done, there is a need for choosing “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” option. As you will swipe, all the files that are not important will be wiped up in couple minutes.

These are easy to follow steps, and you can easily install the LineageOS by this method. If you don’t want to tackle to a single issue, it is always better to focus on all steps wisely and using the right firmware.

Now, you just need to reboot smartphone and set it up as you do with a new smartphone.

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Important Note – Installing Lineage in your Android smartphone is going to void the warranty of your device. If you have a newly bought smartphone, then it is better to avoid the installation because of a single issue while installation can make your smartphone Brick.

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