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How to Make Animated GIFs on Android Phone?

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If you love to use your smartphone and chatting with friends, then you may have tried some of the amazing features while chatting. The first feature you may be trying so long is smiles.

These are really loved a lot, and you can get an amazing number of benefit with these emojis like expressing your feelings feeling become easier.

There are millions of people using emojis and getting the benefits but the time is changed, and GIFs become the new trend.

You can easily find that GIFs can be created and you have many apps available online which can provide a great number of them.

You just have to type what you need, and the GIFs are in front of you. But, the question arrives regarding new ones.

Create Animated GIFs

Most of the people desire of creating new GIFs, but it can be typical for people who haven’t tried it ever. By checking out the tips given below, you can easily create GIFs, and the below-given methods can help you convert videos into GIFs.

However, the question arrives regarding animated GIFs. These are widely popular, and you can easily create them by following this guide.

Using Third-party Apps for GIF Creation

There are plenty of smartphone apps which can help you create animated GIFs on your Android smartphone. Even many of them work on IOS devices too. There is just need of finding the perfect app that is easy to use and reliable.

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GIFDroid is easy to use, and it can help you out in many ways because it can help you create whatever you want.

  • There are many options that you easily find in this app. First of all press the select video or record video button. Both options will let you choose the type of you to need. It is better to create a video before and then choosing it.
  • You have to look for the area of video that you want to convert into the animated GIF. Even there is an option to slide the gray bars in the starting of video as well as at the end of video. It is easy.
  • By choosing the edit GIF option, you are able to change the FPS as well as the delay between the frames. Even it will help you choose the size of the resulting GIF.
  • You need to choose the frames that you love the most in that particular video and you have the option to cut out sections so use them. Even you can reduce the size of this animation clip to need.
  • Now, choose the create GIF text option, and it is given in the bottom right-hand corner. It is better that you take the preview of video, so you never face a single issue. For sure, it will not take much of your time to create the GIF and you can start sharing it.

The process is complete, and you need to name the clip and share it with friends. Now, you can easily get the benefit of all the GIFs. Make sure to send it as if you want and get the benefit of all.

Creating GIFs from Video

It is always better to use some of best apps to create GIFs because these offer the great number of features.

Tenor and many other apps are available to provide you the huge number of GIFs, and you can turn normal videos into GIF. It is really easy and works perfectly.

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Do you know that you can create GIF using messaging apps? Yes, apps like Whatsapp are offering such options to convert your videos into GIFs.

  • Open WhatsApp and head over to the inbox where you want to send the GIF. Just for example you are sending to one of your friends so open his chat box.
  • Click on “Camera” icon given below, and it will give you the option to click photo. You can also create a video using same icon.
  • Just create a video and then you can find the option of sending video or GIF on the same clip. Choose GIF and send it.

The process of converting the video into GIF is not a complicated one for sure. You can use this method and create some of awesome GIF. You can choose the video and convert that into the GIF.

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