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How to Monitor Data Usage on Android Phone?

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A limited data plan always causes the most of issues to users. It is one of the worst issues tackled by US people. Several carrier providers are available out there, and many of them provide a limited amount.

The worst issue is excessive overage fees, and everyone really hates it.

Crossing the limit is not an issue, but the overcharge or the deduction of main balance is worst one.

It’s the reason that most of the users need to stay careful and monitor the data time to time. Android users have some inbuilt features to help out whereas iOS users can’t track the usage.

Android Data Usage

Well, there are a couple of methods which can help in the elimination of such issues with ease. There are many methods to see the data usage.

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Data Usage Option

It is easy to find that Android has the Data Usage option from years. Even this feature offers plenty of options to help you out.

  • Open settings of your Android smartphone.
  • Scroll down a little, and you can find Data Usage option.
  • There are dates given, and you need to choose the data usage cycle here.
  • Change the cycle according to your internet plan data.
  • Make sure to set the date wisely like most of the internet plans are available for 28 days.

It can help you choose a cycle and check out the data used by every single app.

If any of the apps are consuming too much data in the background, you can restrict background data usage by tapping on the app and hitting restrict background data option.

Set Data Limit in your Android Smartphone

If you don’t want to end up using too much data, then there are various methods to help you out. Just by setting the data limit, you can avoid excessive usage.

Click on Set Mobile Data Limit option and a red bar on the graph will be available. You can move it in an upward direction to choose the data limit.

Set it wisely as per the cycle of the internet. In the end, you can breath easy as, after this particular step, all things will fall in line. There are some third-party apps available to monitor data usage.

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If you search “Internet Speed Meter” on Google Play, many apps will be in the result. Check out few of them according to reviews and rating and everything is done.

You can enjoy all those amazing applications. Even, these apps will help you monitor data in the notification panel. It is a reliable option for those who love to browse on Social media and watch videos.

In such conditions, you can find that the internet usage is high and it empties up very fast.

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