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How to Play Xbox One Games on Android?

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Have you ever wondered that some people play Xbox game on Android? Or have you ever wanted to play Xbox games on your smartphone? Maybe, many of you wanted it.

But, the question arrives that how to do it? There is need for Android Platform to run such games. This tutorial will guide you about the installation and method to run games.

There will be two things used. First thing is Xbox Emulator Android and an idea device to run it.

Things to Know about Xbox One Games

Before getting started, you should know that the games you want to play do not have high-end 3D graphics otherwise your smartphone may lag to provide great performance.

Xbox Games on Android

However, Android smartphone is getting way better than before, 6 gigs of RAM with the great processor can easily run advanced games. However, GTA 5, Crisis and battlefield 3 are some of the games you can’t play due to large size and graphics.

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If you are using an ideal configured Android device then it can reduce down your smartphone performance and cause many issues lately. On the other hand, there is no emulator for IOS, so, only Android users can the benefit out of it.

Step by Step Guide to Run Xbox Games on Android Smartphone

  1. The first thing you have to focus on is to download Emulator for Android. The next thing is to install a VPN app to make your connection secure and you need to set the country to China. The emulator app work in China only, so, you need to set up VPN and install the app. Choosing the server maybe typical thing but you can do it by following the tutorial.
  2. While installing the app, you may get a warning because you are installing this app from unauthenticated sources. Provide permission in the setting of Unknown Sources installation. Try out installing the app again and this time, the app will be installed.
  3. After installation, the app will run now but you may feel discomfort. Well, this app is available in Chinese and you can’t change the language. It is troublesome in the beginning but you can easily learn it. You can try other emulators too but no one better than e
  4. There is a button in the bottom right corner. It will help you log in the Xbox Emulator. Make sure to have a superfast internet connection otherwise you won’t be able to connect with the server. The Chinese server provider of VPN is rendering every single detail so you should focus on internet speed too.
  5. There will be a list of games in front of you. Just by choosing the game, you can play that easily. By pressing the Chinese button which is given on game’s image, you can run that.
  6. It will take few minutes to run the game and you should wait. If the game doesn’t run then there is need for better speed. Having poor internet connection can make things typical in many ways.

Bottom Line

These are a couple of things that you should focus on otherwise playing the game on Android isn’t easy. Many another emulator may make you try them out but none of them can help as Chinese ones.

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The VPN you will be using may require you to buy a subscription. Play until the trial period and if you love playing games on Emulator then buy the subscription.

Or, you can buy any other app which will help you get the Chinese IP address for free of cost. You can play the game free of course but the VPN service is the only issue. Make sure to have a high-speed VPN connection to never tackle issues.

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