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How to Remove MAC Viruses for Free?

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A MAC OS is called as one of the safest platforms where chances of facing issues due to viruses are low. Even if you are using the oldest version, you can’t face virus issue easily.

However, if your Mac has the virus, then it needs to be eradicated as soon as possible.

There are many methods to remove viruses from Mac, but almost every one of them is paid.

Remove MAC Viruses

You can try out some free methods, and this guide focuses on easiest ones. Even this method will help you eradicate malware also. It makes things reliable and easy for you.

Signs of having Virus in a Mac

Before you head over to clean virus, you should know that whether your PC is infected by Viruses or not.

There are many things that you can do and trace viruses on your PC or Mac.

  • A Mac starts to behave erratically, and some unexpected things start happening like pop-ups and more.
  • The performance issue is easy to find and most of Mac’s performance deduced by half as if the virus hits it up.
  • Even there are advertisements on your desktop. This popup due to viruses or malware. It is the reason that you should eradicate these as soon as possible.
  • Many applications and software will be installed automatically that you haven’t installed. These reduce performance too.
  • Some software doesn’t run like they used to. Even you can find crashes with that software. It causes numerous issues.

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If you are seeing these symptoms from couple days, it is better to stay offline and not to use any E-banking website or app on it.

How to eradicate viruses from MAC?

Plenty of options are available out there to eradicate viruses or malware from the Mac. These are the easy one and free to choose. ‘

  1. Browser Extensions

Sometimes the browser extensions are behind pop-up ads and reduced performance issue. Most of Mac users face issue due to such things.

However, you can easily get rid of these by deleting every unknown extension. You have to focus on many apps.

  • Safari – It is mostly used in web browser on Mac. You need to launch Safari on it and go to menu section. Here, you can find the preference button. By clicking on extension tab, you will get the list, and you can find some suspicious extensions on the list too. Uninstall such extensions without waiting for a single minute. Repeat this process with all the suspicious extensions and then reboot your Mac.
  • Chrome – Launch chrome on your Mac and head over to menu, preference and then click on three vertical dots icon which is given in the top right corner. Tap on more tools option and choose Extensions. Do the same that you did with safari to remove all the suspicious extensions from the browser. Make sure to remove every single extension that is suspicious. You can try out removing all.
  • Firefox – Firefox is one of the most used browser after safari and chrome. If you are a Firefox user, then launch it up. Head over to tools that is given in menu bar. Click on extensions option which is given at left-hand side and remove all the suspicious extensions from the web browsers.

After the removal of all suspicious extension from the Mac, you should reboot your PC, and it is going to take couple of minutes.

Check again and if you still face any issue then try out the next solution given below.

  1. Remove Apps

Malware can enter your Mac in many ways. If you use unofficial apps or the cracked versions, then chances are higher of having Trojan or malware in your PC.

Even crack software come with many viruses too. If you have bunch of software installed, but you don’t know which one is causing the issue then follow few basic steps.

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Launch every single app you have, and if any of them is lagging too much, then chances of having virus in that app are higher. But, it is not sure.

So, you should use any of the cleaning app or free anti-viruses. These will help you clean up viruses and malware easily. It is quite reliable.

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