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How to Remove your Number from TrueCaller?

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Privacy is the vital currency and it called as the new luxury these days. No one loves to have data on any website they have nothing to do with. Well, many smartphone apps can leak your private data like name, mobile number, and many more things.

Truecaller is a popular smartphone app used by millions and it can help in many ways. However, it comes with many cons too.

The privacy issue is one of the common with this app. You might have used this app and found it pretty much helpful when an unknown called rings you. Truecaller predict his/her name.

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The first thing is how it works, right? Well, if you have Truecaller installed then it will do cloning of your contacts and the most common name in all the smartphone is assumption used by it.

Truecaller Account Removal

How to Remove your Number from Truecaller?

If you are feeling annoyed by the services provided by Truecaller then it is the time to remove your Truecaller data and it can be done by following given steps.

  • You need to unlist your information and it can be done by various methods.
  • If you are using the Truecaller app then, first of all, deactivate your account.
  • Now, go to and remove your data.
  • Here, you need to enter the number with the country code.
  • Verification session is required so tap on “I’m not a robot” option.

It will completely unlist your data like name and all. However, you are able to get rid of all by using privacy options given in this app which can help in hiding your details.

Why to remove Your number from Truecaller?

As we mentioned, privacy is a new luxury and there is nothing more important. If you don’t want to end up getting into any issue then you should remove your number from this platform.

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Thinking that what are issues of Truecaller? There is no guarantee provided by Truecaller regarding the safety of privacy which means that anyone can access your information easily with this app.

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