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How to Send iMessage from MAC to Android?

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Apple is well known to create a closed ecosystem which makes so many issues like apple users can’t send iMessage to Android users.

It is one of most asked question that how to send iMessages to Android users. Fortunately, there is one easy to rely on the method that works perfectly, and you can try that out and Android users can iMessage.

How to send iMessage from MAC to Android?


Mainly the android users are at another end where they can’t access an iMessage. So Android users need to get the solution.

By installing a third party app, getting iMessage on Android is possible. There is an app called as weMessage which will help Mac users to send messages.

  • First of all download weMesssage on both and install.
  • Open the app on Mac, and you need to install java (mostly required).
  • Setting up the privacy setting is the next and most impotent thing.
  • Enter your Email on weMessage at mac, and the same goes for Android users.
  • You need to enter the Mac’s IP address to access it and make the connection.

Well, everything is done and therefore whenever you will send messages, the iMessage app will work smoothly.

Is There Any Alternative?

When it comes to sending messages to Android users from any iOS device, most of the people wonder about solutions.

It is easy to find that you have to use third party app to get it done and better to go for the trusted apps because you will be sending mac from these.

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Most of the people use popular Social messaging apps like Whatsapp and other from Mac but using iMessage is quite typical. Hope, this guide will help you send the message from Mac to Android end with ease.

Don’t miss the above-mentioned details and even assist out other needy individuals who are struggling to send messages.

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