How to Setup a VPN on MAC OS?

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which mainly provides a tunnel to serve online. A good VPN can provide excellent security, and primarily it is regarding the safety of data you are browsing.

If you are at the hotel or any public place where you can browse the internet using public wi-fi then be aware. This network is open, and anyone can easily access it.

The trouble you get is regarding the privacy. Users on the same network can check what you are browsing as well as they can get into your device. Some of the ethical hackers can do it with ease.

If you don’t want to mess up with such issues, then a VPN can help. All the devices like smartphone, PC, and the Mac can browse using VPN. Wondering that how to set up VPN on a MAC OS?

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Setting VPN on MAC Operating System

Well, there are few steps to follow, and you can quickly set a highly secure VPN and browse without any issue –

  1. If you are buying the VPN subscription, then you will receive a configuration file which is easy to setup. In case, you don’t have any sort of VPN file, and you want to enter it manually then follow below given steps.
  2. To set VPN manually, Click on Apple Menu, head over to system preference, and choose network here. One more list pops up so choose VPN out of them.
  3. There is a list at the left, and you should click on the + sign. You need to provide information like VPN service name and hit Create button.
  4. You will get three options to choose from. Each one has a different role and has a different kind of protocol type. You can know about it from the service provider, or you can check out some of free VPN online.
    1. L2TP
    2. IPSec
    3. IKEv2
  5. Server address and Account name will help you configure the VPN profile. Complete all of them wisely.
  6. You need to hit Authentication settings button, and you need to enter the information that you just received from network administer.
  7. Just with next click on “OK” and “Connect” button, you will be connected to VPN. If the setting isn’t right, then the connection won’t be created.


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These are some easy to follow steps that will help you set up VPN on MAC OS, and you can browse safely onward.

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