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How to Share MAC Internet Connection (WIFI Hotspot)?

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Probably, most of you may know about the built-in internet sharing functions offered in the Mac OS X that are offering you great functionality during the travel trips.

Most of the time, you have seen that hotels room with the Ethernet jack allows one connection.

However, getting the internet on your other devices like Smartphone or tablet becomes a troublesome thing.

With the internet sharing option also called as the WiFi hotspot, you are able to get rid of most of the issues with ease. It is better and reliable option to go with.

If you get the wired connection then you can share the connection using hotspot but in case of single wireless connectivity option, a MAC allows you to share connectivity using the wired connection.

Sharing MAC Internet Connectivity with WIFI Hotspot

If you are at a hotel or somewhere with the Ethernet jack option on the wall then it is easy to share this connection using the hotspot option.

MAC WIFI Internet

Firstly, you need to connect MAC with Ethernet cable and then it is easy to access internet on Mac.

However, the next step is to make this PC the Wi-Fi sharing hotspot. It is easy and you can complete it a by various methods.

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It can be done with MacBook Airs or all the Retina MacBook Pros versions. If you have any other version then you may tackle down to issues lately and can’t get a better intent connection speed.

For now, if you have airs or pros, it is time to make them access intent. There is need of a USB or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter so you can connect the wire and use intent easily on Macbook.

After this, you get started with the sharing options. Test out internet connection using any of the reliable web browsers.

Steps to Share MAC Internet Connection –

  • You need to open Mac’s System preferences. Here, you can find the Internet & Wireless option in the sharing menu option.
  • There is a list given in the left and you have to click on Internet Sharing option. You can find many options to Share internet.
  • Click on Share your Connection from “Ethernet to Wi-Fi” and everything is done. It will take a couple of seconds.
  • You need to click on Wi-Fi options button and configure the name as well as password. This will configure your wireless network. You have to set up the name and don’t change anything with the channel.
  • Make sure to keep a password to avoid any sort of issue otherwise chances of facing issues lately are higher.
  • On the other hand, you should check out internet sharing checkbox option because it is going to enable sharing. It will make your mac work like the wireless router and all the gears can access Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Now, from the gear, you want to connect to the internet, turn on wifi and look for nearby devices. You can find the Macbook or intent connection name. Connect it by using the password and internet will start working.

It is easy to follow all steps and you can easily rely on it and there are lots of people using it mostly in hotels and such other places.

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This guide will work perfectly for MAC OS X 10.8 and the later versions.


If you get a Wi-Fi connection in the hotel and you want to use it to other PC instead of using it only on Mac then there are some easy methods too.

There is need of using an Ethernet cable to connect Mac to other PC or you can use thunderbolt cable to connect two MacBooks.

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