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How to Speed up Slow iPhone?

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IOS devices have a great demand in the market and it is surely true that great performance, ease of use interface, smooth performance and much more.

However, the storage is the biggest issue with IOS devices. You don’t get the option to add any sort of external storage which can make you struggle and face issue with performance too.

Speed up iOS

There are two easy methods to speed up slow iPhone and you can try it out.

  1. Emptying up storage

  • Always manage your storage and it can be done by deleting all the unwanted apps. There are so many apps with website versions.
  • If you use any app on often bases and there is website version also available. You should use the website version instead of the app which can help in saving space and easing up the work for sure.
  • If you are using IOS 11 or later versions then the new feature offers a great help in getting rid of this issue. You are able to use “Offload App” option which can help in emptying up more storage easily. Just open settings, general and then check iPhone storage.
  • All the apps with large size will be on top and you should open the app that isn’t much important. Click on “Offload App” button and it will delete that particular app.
  • Even there is an option called as Offload Unused Apps. This option is going to delete all the apps that you haven’t used from last 30 days.

However, the data of all those apps will stay on the phone and you can start any of the app from the same place by downloading from the app store.

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Even you can click on the faded icon of the offloaded app and it will start downloading.

  1. Manage iCloud

There is no doubt that cloud storage has numerous benefits and iCloud is offering the best of them. Apple Smartphone comes with free iCloud storage and it is really beneficial in many ways.

  • By creating an account of iCloud, you can get numerous benefits and it is a reliable option. If you have an iCloud account then use it to backup data and it is really beneficial.
  • Open setting and head over to iCloud. In IOS 11, you can find the account in the top of settings option. Click on it and you can manage the icloud here. If there isn’t any account then sign in.
  • Turn on Photos and optimize photos. This is one of the best options and you are definitely going to love it. Now, all the photos on your smartphone will be backed up to iCloud photos and the only thumbnail will be on the phone.
  • Just by tapping on any of the photos, you can find it loading. It will help in saving almost 5 GB of storage. However, you are able to buy more iCloud storage subscription which will help in saving more data online.

This method will help in speeding up your smartphone which makes it better and reliable option to go with.

Final Words

You should keep your phone updated with the latest version of IOS because it makes your phone run on better speed. All the bugs will be fixed in an update.

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If you are using an outdated IOS device like iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 then it can be troublesome to find any update. However, you can keep the storage empty as much as possible.

There are some iPhone cleaner apps available but you should restore your smartphone instead of purchasing those apps which can help in taking your device to former speed in quick time.

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