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How to Stop Auto App Updates in Android Phone?

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In recent times, the demand for Android smartphones has increased rapidly. It will not be wrong to state, even Android has become a lot better and offers many advanced features.

However, the update of Apps on Android always sucks a lot. It can easily eat up your data and make your smartphone slow.

These are some of worst issues with Android but many methods can help in eradicating such issues. You can stop auto app updates from setting and many other ways.

You might know that Android offers a great freedom when it comes to customization and updates. There is an ability of automatic update is given and you can turn off that.

Auto App Updates

Even there are many users who are preferring Wi-Fi downloads as the option is easy to use. Even if you want to update a particular app that is in daily use, you can do this too.

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It doesn’t block any sort of internet bandwidth and it is quite a helpful option too.

Turning On/Off Updates on Android Phone

Just by following a couple of steps, you can easily turn on as well as turn off app updates for Android smartphone.

  1. First of all, open Google Play on your device.
  2. In the top left corner, you will come across three horizontal lines icon.
  3. Choose settings from the given options.
  4. There is an auto-update apps button to choose.
  5. Disable automatic updates by choosing “Do not Auto-update Apps”.

It will permanently disable apps update and it is quite helpful for those who have slow speed internet. Or, people who have the limited amount of internet plan for the month.

Updating apps on Mobile Data always suck.  If you want to update apps over Wi-Fi only then there are couple more methods to help you out. By choosing “Auto-update Apps over Wi-Fi Only” will be helpful.

Getting rid of system apps

There are some inbuilt apps that can update automatically without any permission. It happens with most of Samsung devices and when you connect these any Wi-Fi spot with good internet speed, it starts eating up your data.

  • Open settings.
  • Head over to applications. (It can be named as apps/application management and all)
  • Choose the apps that are getting updated automatically.
  • Disable such apps, if you can’t find them useful.

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These are all the things that you can do and get rid of such boring updates. Using a VPN and apps that can stop other apps to access the internet are handy and helpful in various manners.

Bottom Line

In order to never face a single issue, you can rely on above-given methods and surely these are handy and reliable options. Use internet speed meter because these can help you know whether your data is in use or not.

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