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How to Sync or Transfer Contacts between Android, iPhone and Web?

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There are lots of people using iOS devices as well as Android devices on a daily basis. However, the basic issue is with the synching of contacts.

However, this issue can be eradicated by various methods. With the use of some third-party apps, it is easy to resolve but make sure to focus on the use of apps that work on both platforms.

What’s The Exact Issue?

Android and iOS are two different platforms and both work perfectly on their own, but they have very few connections.

Sync Contacts Android iPhone

Using the third party let you set the connection between both devices. Using any of the apps on both platforms can help you sync contact with each other. It is better and reliable option that can help you in various manners.

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How to Sync Contacts?

If you are using iCloud on your iOS device, then you can access the contacts on the web but not on android. However, if you use Google, then it becomes easy to get rid of all the issues.

You can head over to settings in Apple device then open contacts option here. You need to swipe down a little to access this feature.

Open the default account section and choose Gmail. However, you need to add the Gmail account before heading over to this step.

How to Add Gmail Account On Apple?

Open settings on the iOS device and then head over to Accounts & Password section. Here, you can find add account button.

Tap on it, and it will provide you a couple of options. The option that you need is Google here. As you choose Google, the login screen for Gmail will load up in a couple of seconds.

Type your account address and then press “Next.” Type your account password, and it will provide you the option to sync contacts and other things like notes and few more.

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Choose the features you want to get the benefit of. Everything is done after this.

Bottom Line

You need to follow the first option of setting the default account. It will take a couple of minutes to load up all the contacts.

It is really easy, and if you set the default of Contact on Gmail then you can use the same account on other device, and all the data will be synced on both.

Every time you will save a contact in iOS then it will be available on Android too.

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