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How to Turn Galaxy S9 into Google Pixel 2?

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Samsung’s latest smartphone Galaxy S9 is surely taking over the smartphone industry with its unique design, features and camera quality. The bezel-free display with the curve on both edges makes it the best in all. But, coming to the interface, many love the TouchWiz UI whereas some want to customize it.

If you are someone to experience the same galaxy phone by the Stock version of Android, there are couples of things to do. You can do the makeover, and there is no need of rooting your smartphone.

It can take little time to customize all, but you are defiantly going to love the smoothness and UI.   Ripping off TouchWiz isn’t possible as it is part of the firmware. But, some methods can help you make it look similar to Pixel 2.

Galaxy Google Pixel 2

You can get Dialer, wallpaper, messages and other apps to perform same as Pixel 2’s interface. The process of turning your Galaxy device to Pixel starts with the launcher. Let’s begin it and learn to install every single mod.

Installing Launcher for Google Pixel

Unlike Nova or Action Launcher, Pixel launcher is quite different, and you need to download it. Unfortunately, you can’t get it from Google Play Store, so, you need to prefer other websites.

Downloading the Apk of Pixel 2 is the first and major step for the makeover of your smartphone. There are many websites to sideload the app, but you should go with the trusted sources.

Using the web browsers like Samsung Browser and others expect Chrome will help you get the apk easily. It is better and reliable option to go with. However, if you are using Google Chrome to download it, then there may be need of giving the permission for apk downloads.

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It’s the time to install the launcher. Provide permissions to unknown sources from settings, apps. After it, you can install the launcher without any issue. As the launcher is installed, press home button and enjoy the new makeover

This launcher will be identical to the launcher of Pixel 2 and such other Google’s devices. The next step is to install apps that can help you gain more access and they are similar to Google. It will be better to set the Pixel 2 launcher as default.

Install Google Dialer

It is quite easy to find that Google Dialer isn’t available at Play Store as it is only available in the official devices. If you want to use the Dialer of Pixel 2, then there is need of downloading the patch version.

A couple of websites can help you to get the dialer without any issue, but it will be better to prefer a safe source.

Make sure to check out the reviews of dialer patch because some may cause issues or slow down your device in various manners.

A good dialer is worth using, and it is reliable option to make your smartphone look more like a Pixel 2. After installing it, you have to set it by default.

By setting such apps as default, you will get all the calls in this app, and you can call from the same too.

Make sure to provide all the permissions like allowing access to phone calls, camera, contact and such other. These are required to make calls and show you contact list. You can get a great number of features in this app.

Android Message App  

With apps like Android Message, your smartphone will need more custom and better looking than usual. It is better looking, clean, and comes with a great number of features.

Even this app will support the new RCS universal profile which can provide a great number of benefits while texting for iMessage. It works perfectly when texting on Sprint or T-mobile.

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The best thing about this app is availability. You can download it from Google Play Store, and it has a small size. These factors make it work smoothly without any sort of lag and you can rely on it.

But, it will be better to set it as default otherwise you will get messages on both. Even you can disable the app offered in the TouchWiz.


It will be better to use trusted apps or makeovers. Using the patched apps can be harmful as if you download it from non-trusted sources.

The great alternative to such issue is Nova or Action Launcher. Both are clean and provide a great number of options in the app.

Many of YouTubers who are using S9 or S9+ prefer launchers instead of patch due to safety issues.

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