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How to Use Chromecast with Android Phone?

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What is Chromecast? Well, the chromecast is a cheap, famous streaming device by Google.  If you have a compatible Android Smartphone, then you can take benefit of one of Chromecast’s latest elements i.e. mirroring the mobile screen on your television.

In addition, there is no need to worry, if you don’t know how to use the Chromecast with Android device.

Just scroll down and read the given below instruction to learn about it.  Without any delay, here is how to mirror screen with the support of Chromecast.

For Nexus Devices or Google Play Edition

  • Make a connection of Chromecast to your Android device through WiFi.
  • Go the Setting and open it.
  • Click on Display option.
  • Now, tap on Cash Screen


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For Other Compatible Platforms

  • First of all, download and install Chromecast application on your Smartphone. Try to attain 1.7.4 or higher version.
  • Connect the Chromecast to the Android device through WiFi.
  • Click on the icon of Chromecast application to launch it on your platform.
  • Press on the menu option to bring out the navigation drawer. Their users will conveniently locate some options.
  • Go the Cast Screen button.
  • Tap on Chromecast connection to link it.
  • At last, you can close the applications.

Learn To Stop Mirroring Your Screen

  • Open the Chromecast App on your device.
  • Click on the menu option to bring out the location drawer on that application.
  • Press on the Cast Screen
  • Finally, tap on the Disconnect button.

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Final Expression

Overall, read and understand the above-mentioned procedure and learn to operate the Android device on Wide Screen.

Hope the aforesaid information to help you to gain success in mirroring the Android device screen via Chromecast with ease.

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