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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards & Codes?

Do you want to get free Amazon gift card to shop for your needy stuff and getting awesome products? Who doesn’t love to get things for free? Well, I am here to help you with all the methods that can provide free Amazon gift cards.

There are so many tricks that can provide you with free Amazon gift card that is sufficient and reliable to fulfill the need.

It is sure that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website available in many countries and known for huge variety and discounts.

One can buy the needy stuff with the help of online payment, but there are some other methods to help an individual. Using a gift card is reliable, and it definitely comes handy to shop with safety.


Don’t have a gift card? Hey… Chill! There is no need to worry about a single thing. There are plenty of methods to help you out for sure.

One of the easy methods to get the Free gift card is asking from parents or relatives that are going to visit. But, you can’t ask directly which makes it the harder option.

Instead of making much mess, it will be better to get deep inside and knowing about all the methods that can fulfill your needs.

I am mentioning some of the easy methods that I have preferred to shop for free on Amazon using the gift card, and you can try out such methods too.

Let’s learn about each and every method!

Some Easy Methods To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are plenty of easy and reliable methods that can help with free Amazon gift card. You can try out each and every one from the given ones. Try out now and shop for free.

1. Using Swagbucks

You must be wondering that what is Swagbucks but many may know about it. I have used this website and earned a lot with ease.


However, it is not completely free because you have to spend a little amount of time and a little effort in a month.

It is a survey platform that requires you to complete the daily survey and earn points. The points are convertible, and you can get Amazon gift card, PayPal money and lot more by this method.

There is a need to sign up on this platform, and everything is done. Even you will get a bonus on sign up, so, try it out now.

2. Download Featured apps for Free Amazon Balance

There are so many apps that provide you the bonus on the download of features apps which can help in various manners.

Downloading apps from amazon

Swagbucks also offer their apps, but you can find out MyPoints, iPoll,  App Trailer and the lot more to earn free amazon gift card.

You have to install the featured apps and use them for a few minutes. Earning the points become easier and then you are able to convert all which will ease up the work.

Even such apps offer you also survey that can provide you more Amazon balance, and it is really an easy to follow method.

When I learned about such methods, I was thinking about another scam but these work for real. Make sure to use a reliable platform or the app.

3. Trade In Program

Amazon offers a trade-in program in which you are able to trade all the items that you have for free gift cards. Many items can be traded in this program.

You can try out things like cellphones, tablets, laptops, books, cameras, video game consoles, Playstations, Xbox and such other stuff to earn the gift card.

If you have lots of things that are in waste and you don’t use them much then, it will be better to trade them all and earn free Amazon gift card. It is the easy and reliable option.

You may feel worried about the payment but don’t worry because it will take ten maximum days to Amazon and your free gift card will be in the mail.

4. Evaluating Products

In term of reliability, evaluating products on Amazon is also a good option, and you can try it out without any issue.

When I used this method, I gained lots of bonus. You have the product report card, and there is the need for creating account and surveying products online.

The more surveys you take, the more bonus you earn, and it will provide you with free gifts, and it can also help to get Amazon gift card easily.

Are Amazon Gift Card Generators Real?

One of the alternatives that you should be avoiding is hack tools that claim to be the best and offering free gift card codes. In Reality, The amazon gift code Generators are not real at all.

Warning: Using Amazon Gift card Hack, Generators cheats can be harmful, and it is non-Legit.

With the help of legit methods that are mentioned above, getting free Amazon gift card is easy. But, if you prefer the hacks or cheats, you are surely messing with the wrong thing.

Even many tools may ask for your Amazon account ID, password and if you provide all, then chances of facing issues are higher. You can lose the account and face more issues lately.

Most of the people who prefer such methods face lots of issues lately that’s why it will be better to avoid those.

Make sure that you don’t use such methods as if you don’t want to get behind bars.

Amazon is trying their best to keep their database safe and not letting anyone breach it. If any app or website is trying, then they are using your account, and the chances are higher that you will face issues.

These are some of the major reasons that you should stay selective and avoid all the free methods that claim to be best and make sure to check reviews also.


Amazon is a widely known for the best platform to buy products online, and it is the biggest platform.

If anyone is trying to breach then Amazon is not letting him go. In other words, Don’t try to cheat with such hacks and all because such things can make you set in trouble.

Always prefer a legit method and above given are all the legit method that I have used numerous times and you can try them out also.

There are so many platforms that offer you to take the survey and earn but make sure to choose a good platform. Not all the platforms are good that’s why you have to stay selective.

You can check out the reviews so that you find the one that is able to fulfill your need with ease. Hope, this guide to obtain free amazon gift cards will help you and provide a free bonus.

How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp?

Someone has Blocked you and you don’t know whether he or she is avoiding you on WhatsApp. If this is the problem,  You should keep reading this article because today I will show you some easy methods to check if Someone has Blocked you or not.

There can be many Reasons if your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is avoiding or ignoring you. Maybe, you had a breakup recently and messed up something with him or her.

Whatsapp Blocked

Without looking into your personal matters, let’s find out are you blocked or not?

Steps to Find if He / She Blocked you on WhatsApp –

To Find out exactly, you need to follow these Steps:

STEP 1: Profile Picture (DP) –

Look into the profile picture of the user. If you are not able to see his / her DP then probably that person might have blocked you.

Whatsapp Blocked

There can be another reason as well. The user might have removed your Number instead of Blocking. So, we would recommend you reading Tip number 2.

STEP 2: Check Last Seen –

WhatsApp has a feature called “Last Seen”. This feature lets you check when he/she came last online on WhatsApp. If you are unable to check last seen of the user then there are chances that you are blocked or else they might have hidden their last seen from all users.

STEP 3: One Tick –

You can try sending your Crush / Friend a Message. If you see one Tick (Sent) and not double tick then there are 90% chances that the user might have blocked you.

Here are details about Whatsapp Ticks / Check Sign:

1 Tick – Message Sent from your Device

2 Ticks – Message Received by the Recipient

Blue Tick – Message Read by the Recipient

STEP 4: Check Status –

When someone blocks you, You cannot see His or her Status on WhatsApp. With this, you can be sure that you are blocked or not.

WhatsApp allows you to hide your status as well. You can show your status to all Contacts or Restricted to yourself.

To get more Success Rate, you should move onto the next Step.

STEP 4: Check Online Status –

Now, this Step gives you 75% Success rate. But still, there are chances that you are not blocked. If you are not able to see “Online” Status of the user then you might have been blocked by that person.

On the other hand, the person may not be using WhatsApp and that’s why he didn’t came online.

But with this technique, you can be sure that you are blocked by that user or not. If you want more success rate then you should try a Unique method.

This method has a 100% Success rate that the user has blocked you or not.

So, let’s get started with the Unique Method.

STEP 5: Unique Working Method (100% Success Rate) –

Create a WhatsApp Group with any name you want. To do this, You need to click on Top Right corner of WhatsApp Home Screen.

By clicking on “New Group” button, it will show you the list of contacts to add in that particular group.

Whatsapp Block Contact

Now try adding that User in the newly created group. Once the group created, Check group participants and check the number.

Whatsapp Block Contact

If you are not able to find that Number then try adding it again.

By trying again, It might show you “Couldn’t add 91XXXXXXXXX”.

Whatsapp Block Contact

If this is the case, Then that user have Blocked you on WhatsApp for Sure. Sorry, you can’t do anything except that user Unblocks you again.

If that user is already in a group in which you are a participant then you can chat with him/her without any problems.

I will write a new post telling about the whole method of how to chat with Blocked Contacts.

Final Words

So, these were the methods through which you can find out who Blocked you. In My Opinion, you should try out Stepwise Instruction given above. If these don’t work then you should finally try out Unique Method.

If you have any questions to ask about WhatsApp then do it right now. You can comment down below and I will try to answer all of your questions. Till then, bye-bye!

Get Free Roblox Robux Online with LEGIT Methods!

Are you in love with the Roblox platform and developing awesome games with the help of robux? Well, you have seen the issue regarding the lack of robux too. However, getting robux is really an issue. But, you don’t have to worry anymore because I am going to tell all the free methods here.

Plenty of amazing and reliable tricks are there to help you get free Robux in Roblox. Each method can make you obtain pretty much decent amount easily.

Roblox is a widely used and well-known platform to develop awesome games online. It becomes an MMO platform with millions of active users every month.

You can develop amazing games and convert your dreams into something real. Isn’t it the amazing thing about this platform? Well, everyone loves it due to interactive features.

Not able to develop games due to lack of Robux? No more worries! Below given are all the effective methods to earn more Robux and absolutely free.

The reliable method that is preferred by almost everyone is the daily bonus. You can get it but after getting a membership.

You can buy robux from the official website using the real money, but it isn’t that reliable method which can fulfill your need, right?

Roblox Robux

I have used this platform to develop awesome games, and now, I am mentioning all the tips that helped me to obtain more robux. You can also try out these tips.

Let’s get started with the need for membership and then progress to more.

All about Roblox Membership

One of the important things on this platform is membership, and it is really an important part of the platform.

Total three types of memberships are available that is easy to use, and one can rely on each one. But, the price differs for every one of them.

The VIP membership of Roblox is called as Builder Club, and you can buy it with the help of various methods.

Two Types of Builder Clubs: 

  1. Classic Builder Club
  2. Turbo Builder Club

Classic builder club is the primary type, and it is available at very low prices. It can provide you with 15 Robux on the daily basis which is enough for beginners of the platform.

The second type of membership is Turbo Builder Club, mainly for intermediate. It can provide 35 robux in daily bonus which is more than double of CBC.

The last type is outrageous builder club, and it is the expensive one with the daily bonus of 60Robux. This one is enough for almost every developer with higher use also.

The need of Buying Membership

Without the membership, you are not able to buy and sell items on this platform. Such things matter a lot and help in various manners.

Joining a group and creating a group will provide you a bonus of 10 robux and it is not provided in the trial version of robux.

There is also a signing in bonus which is 100 robux, and you can earn a good amount by using this method. Isn’t it better and reliable method than others preferred by most of the gamers?

Even if you are not going to develop many games, having membership will allow you to access 70% paid content which matters the most here.

Methods to Earn Robux Online

Plenty of easy methods are there to earn Robux. You can sell avatars, places and other digital stuff that you have created on the platform to earn Robux.

Creating passes for your game will help you earn more Robux. You can sell the passes, and it will help you out for sure.

The last in-game method is to create groups and joining them. It will provide you 10 Robux absolutely free and instantly to your gaming account.

Earn and Reward Websites –

There are so many earn and reward websites where you need to take reviews, and it will help you earn more robux.

  • First of all, you should create an account on such platforms like MyPoints and then you have to take reviews. The more reviews you take, the more you earn.
  • Keep earning points, and lastly, you are able to redeem them into robux. There is a need for spending little time taking reviews.
  • Wondering that how much robux can be earned by such methods? Well, it can provide you more than 100 robux by taking reviews for a few days.

Roblox Robux Generator or Hacks are Real?

Now the Question is that using Roblox Robux Generator is Really working? and the Answer is, its not!

All Generators for Free Robux and Roblox Hacks are absolutely FAKE! You should get away from these.

Using websites that offer Roblox Hack and cheats can be harmful, and you can end up losing the gaming account by such methods.

Warning: With The Single Use Of Roblox Robux Generators, Hack Tools and Cheats Will Ban Your Roblox Account.

Most of the methods I mentioned are easy to use and legit. Each method works perfectly, and I have tested many times.

With non-legit methods, you are going to provide the Roblox account and password may be. In such cases, developers will trace you, and all your data and the account will be removed in a couple seconds.

People preferring such methods are always facing plenty of issues. Lately this is why you should stay selective and avoid the use of such methods.

Try to use all the legit method and prefer buying Membership to access paid stuff for free.

Roblox is a big platform, and the developers can’t let anyone breach the data in any condition so people using hack will be tackling to lots of issues lately.

Roblox Robux Free

These are some of the major reasons that the existence of hack tools is getting low and plenty of free and legit methods with small work done are in trend.

If you are new to this platform, then prefer CBC membership and use the tips I mentioned so that you go well and don’t face any kind of issue.

The Conclusion

When I was new to this platform, the common mistake I had to wasted robux. If you are also a newbie, then avoid spending robux until you need it for sure.

On the other hand, try to learn the methods that are legit. Every day, many new and legit methods are raising up, and you can try them out without any issue.

While preferring an earn and redeem website, make sure to check out reviews which will help you know each and every single thing about the platform. It will also help you stay safe.

Hope, this guide will help you earn more robux and staying away from all kind of issue with ease. The platform is not about robux mainly.

It also offers you plenty of tweaks that can help you develop the creative skills and more. Preferring illegal method is the very wrong way to approach, and it will be better to avoid

Best Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes!

Are you in love with the PC games? Surely, Steam offers a lot but you have to buy almost every game, and it is the really expensive option. Want to get the game in free or the steam wallet code? Well, you are in the right place because I am going to tell some easy and reliable method for free codes.

By using some of effective tips and tricks, you can easily get free Steam wallet codes without any issue. And each method is easy to prefer.

But.. What is Steam?

Steam is widely preferred platform to download amazing games on PC, and it is also used by Mac users for basic games that support well.

You can easily buy the game from a wide category; it can be action, adventure and any other type of game. This platform really offers a good number of games that can make you meet the desire.

With the help of a steam wallet gift card or steam wallet codes, you can get the game or need. It is really easy after that.

Doesn’t have steam wallet codes? It’s okay because I am going to mention some easy methods that can help you get a gift card easily.

The easiest method that you can prefer without any kind of issue is with the purchase of games and earning gift card as the bonus. But, it is not that reliable, and you are spending money on it.

The better alternative is to prefer websites that offer free gift card where you are not paying a single buck.

I have used so many methods and below given are all the methods that work effectively, and I have used from a long time.

Let’s learn about each method and obtain free steam wallet codes.

What’s Steam Wallet?

Isn’t it better to learn a little about the Steam and its wallet? The steam wallet is a digital wallet which can be used to store real money in digital currency.

Steam launched their gift card a little back ago when gamers don’t have credit cards to buy games from the official website.

These gift cards can be purchased from official websites as well as from local store, and it is the way better option than others. Anyone can rely on these due to the effectiveness.


There is code behind the steam wallet gift card, and you can get that every easily. There is a need of a gift card code, and you can redeem that into the gaming account.

Now, you are capable of buying every second game that is available on the official store, and it is real an easy to use a method which is preferred by most of the gamers.

How to Obtain Free Steam Wallet Codes

There are three easy methods that can help you out. Each method works perfectly, but you have to work by a little.

When I used this method earlier, I was thinking that using such a method can be typical, but these are really easy.

1. Reward Websites

One of the best ways is to create an account on survey websites. You just need to create an account, and everything is done after that.

Make sure that you don’t use personal account email while creating the new one. It is really better to prefer a fresh and new account for such purpose.

The list of Rewards Websites are:

a) PointsPrizes 

b) SwagBucks

c) PrizeRebel

d) GrabPoints

There will be the survey on a daily basis about products, areas and lot more things. Complete all the surveys and you are done. It is really an effective method.

2. Giveaways

There are so many YouTubers who are trying to increase their subscribers and getting more followers all around.

Due to this, they run giveaway contents, and you can participate in these. Try to find a new giveaway contest which will be better to prefer.

You have to be Pretty Conscious in Select Right Giveaway Website. There are lots of Fake ones which gives you nothing and fools you.

Try your luck and follow the instructions of the giveaway contest.  By using this method, you can get $25 Steam wallet codes for sure. Even you can get more with ease.

Make sure that you stay selective while preferring giveaway contests. It is better to go with the better ones that are trending all around.

3. Earn and redeem apps

Many apps are available for iOS and Android that offer you redeem apps without any kind of issue. Yes, there are plenty of amazing apps for surveys.

But you can find apps that offer you to download features apps. As you do so, there will be a reward value. You earn points, and in the end, you can redeem all of them to steam wallet codes.

Here are Some Apps offering Free Steam Wallet codes for You:

a) My Points

b) App Nana

c) App Bounty

d) Cash for Apps

MyPoints and many other apps are available that offer task according to your locality which can help you get more and unique surveys with ease.

These are some of the easy to prefer methods that you can try out without any kind of issues. There are lots of people relying on it due to the effectiveness.

Using Steam wallet hacks and cheats is not a good option. Even it can set you in trouble lately, and it is illegal also because you are doing a fraud of real money.

Gamers using Steam wallet Code Generators, hack tools can end up losing their gaming account and progression. It is not Legal Action at all!

Instead of preferring hacks and such other methods, gamers can rely on the methods that I mentioned above.

Even there is a barter system that can help. Some people have steam wallet codes of no use, and you can get them at way cheaper prices.

Always be Selective

While preferring such methods, try to stay selective because someone can sell you used codes and it is really the worst issue.

Make sure that you choose a good platform while using the barter system.

These are all the methods that can help you get free steam wallet codes easily and you can rely on the tips with ease.

Steam Wallet Codes

The next thing is to redeem these gift cards, and it is really easy as if you follow all the methods wisely.

But how to Steam Wallet Gift Cards and Codes on Official Website of Steam? Here is the answer..

Open the team’s official website and log in your account. Now, head over to steam wallet section and there is gift card option. Enter the free Steam wallet codes and hit redeem button.

The code will be added to your account, and it is really an easy method to obtain a free gift card and buying awesome games.


While preferring the methods that are mentioned above, make sure to prefer a good source so that you don’t face any kind of issue in the future.

Try to avoid the platform or website that require your account and password because these can set you in trouble lately. Avoiding such method is better than hoping for a free gift card.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes?

Are you willing to gain more followers on Instagram to get more popularity or make your brand popular? Well, don’t worry because you are in the right place to get numerous numbers of followers effectively in the nick of time. Let’s get started with learning the few basics of Instagram.

I am here to explain you all about the Instagram tricks and how they work. There is just the need of following all. So, make sure to stick with these tricks and read the post till the end.

Instagram is getting much popularity all around the world, and people of all age are using it. There are plenty of interactive features offered which are to like, comment, share, follow, and much more.


You can connect with friends as well as create a business profile to get what you want. It will help in numerous manners.  But, to gain popularity, you need followers.

Doesn’t have many followers? Hey, don’t worry! I am here, right? I have a vast number of methods to gain followers in less time.

The easy method to gain follower is to connect with friends and to follow them. They are also going to follow you back. Having an open profile will help here.

Let’s discuss more in brief!

Working Methods of Getting Free Instagram Followers

The following methods can help you get more followers, and each one is reliable also. These are as follow –

  1. Connect to Facebook – Wondering that what Facebook is doing in Instagram followers? Well, you can connect the Instagram account to Facebook which will help all your FB friends check you out and follow on Instagram (as they are on this platform).
  2. HashTags – With the help of some Hashtags like “Likeforlike, Followforfollow” and many more, you can get followers. Post all your pictures with such Hashtags in between.
  3. Shoutout – There are many Instagram pages that provide Shoutout for Shoutout. Such pages can help you out in various manners, and you can rely on these. Make sure to find pages or accounts with the good fan following.
  4. Be an active user – Not all the users are able to gain popularity by above methods because very few stay active. If you have an active account, then you are likely to obtain more followers.

These are some easy to use and reliable methods that you can try out. I have tried these and found that all are effective and reliable to go for.

There are many more methods that can help you out in various manners. Make sure to follow the below-given methods wisely so that you get popularity for sure.

Let’s Follow

As you want to get more followers, you have to keep your profile open, and it is better to switch the profile as a business.

Now, follow hundreds of people every day, which will be taking a little time but many of them will be following back.

Using the same method on a daily basis and then un-following all lately will be better. This method works effectively.

But, the only issue with this method is your post engagement which can decrease a little. You will get fewer likes due to such methods.

Should You Prefer Free Follower Apps?

Most of the people want to know the truth behind Free follower apps. Do you want the same? Well, there are a few major things.

Such apps work on two mechanisms. The first type requires you to spend money and buying followers in exchange. However, it can eat up lots of money.

With the alternative option, some apps will ask you to like others picture, follow them and lot more to earn points. You can use these points to gain followers.

Instagram Free Followers

But, the post you like and follow people from unknown regions so your account may be temporarily blocked by Instagram.

Warning: You are taking a risk and you can end up getting blocked by Instagram developers.

The worst issue is that you will lose the post engagement. In other words, you can have thousands of followers but very low likes on your posts.

Due to such things, anyone can find that you have fake followers which will make your profile look bad and it won’t help with popularity in any condition.

Don’t use such methods otherwise your profile will look worst with few likes, nothing much.

Instagram keep on trying to make this platform safer than before. Using such cheats will make you face issues, and you can’t expect it in the beginning, but you will be facing all lately.

The developers of Instagram want to encourage you to use “Instagram Promote tools,” and if your account is logged in such apps that provide followers, then you will face issues for sure.

The most common issue is with post engagement that can ruin your profile totally. Getting popularity by the methods I mentioned, in the beginning, is hard but that is effective also.

Some Other Alternatives To Gain Free Followers and Likes

If you are doing all this for the good number of likes, then you can try out some effective Hashtags. But, make sure that you don’t have a “Private Profile” otherwise you won’t get many likes.

Hashtags –

The other method to gain follower is to open the Hashtags that you are using in your post. Now, like most of the newly upload pictures in the popular hashtag which can provide likes and followers.

Isn’t it an effective manner to gain popularity and getting a vast number of likes on all your posts? Most of the experts prefer such methods, and you can try it out too.

When I learned this method, I was amazed by the result in the single night. You should try to stay active and being social so that you get more likes and comments on all your post.

The Final Verdict

I really hope that you loved this article and amazed by all the easy to follow methods. it is sure that these tips will help you gain more followers easily.

Make sure to avoid scams because chances of facing issues are higher with them and you will end up getting banned by the developers.

Some websites that are offering likes and followers on a small amount can make you the fool because they may be using bots.

By such things, your profile insight will fall down, and you will face numerous issues lately. Hope, this guide will help you eradicate all the issues and getting more followers easily.

If you have any issue then must comment them down. I would like to answers all your doubts and providing the much help.

How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery?

Custom ROM is something new which is trending all around and you may have heard it somewhere or find it online. The first question is what’s custom ROM? And why it is getting so hype these days? Well, there is no need to worry because we are here to pour light on this new thing.

Everyone knows that ROM means Read-Only Memory and if someone talking about custom ROM then it means he/she is talking about Phone’s firmware which is using the Google’s Android platform.

As this is open source so anyone can edit android coding and recompile it with something new which can enhance performance or provide better results.

Changing the device’s appearance or functionality is really easy with this method and Custom ROMs are developed by android authority which can be used in android Smartphone.

Custom ROM Android

Mostly these are available for free and anyone download these and these are available for Phones, tablets, media players and smart watches too.

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Things to Know about Custom ROM

When you purchase any android Smartphone from market, you can pretty much able to find that there is a stock installed which is also known as stick firmware.

This firmware have so many limitation and if someone want to exceed it then custom ROM option comes handy where you flash the previous stock ROM and install a new one which is compatible with hardware.

As you will flash the old version so there are also chances that you can end up making any mistake and making your ROM inoperable and it is called as bricking.

In such conditions, your phone become useless and it can’t be operated and this is the worst issue. Such things are but you should go wisely and follow all steps to never tackle with any sort of issue.

Steps to Install Custom ROM using TWRP

You need to flash the custom ROM in the smartphone and follow the given steps.

  • First of all, you should download and transfer the custom ROM that you want to install in your device’s storage.
  • Now, you need to boot your smartphone in the TWRP recovery mode.
  • In the recovery mode, you can easily find the “Wipe” button. By tapping on that, you to do a swipe for factory reset.
  • Now, go back and head over to main menu of this recovery mode. Hit the install button and locate it to custom ROM file that you moved to smartphone in first step.
  • You need to tap on Swipe to Confirm Flash button.  After swipe the custom ROM will begin to install in quick time.
  • After the successful installation, you will get the option like “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” and select it. Swipe to wipe now and it is done.
  • Finally, you need to wait for the completion of Cache and after that, hit Back button. Reboot your system now and everything is done.

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The flashing process is completed now and you can easily get the extreme benefit of custom ROM. It will further assist in getting better performance and great option of installing favorite apps.

Install Custom ROM

Even it is rooted now so you can use paid apps easily. It is better and reliable option.

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Final Words

If you don’t want to tackle with any sort of issue then you should follow these steps. It would be ideal to choose the compatible custom ROM for Smartphone otherwise the phone will be a paper weight only.

Hope, this guide will help in insulation of Custom ROM and making your smartphone UI better than before.

How to Convert PDF into Editable Text Document?

There are many times when you download a PDF file to read, or it can be obtained in various manners. One of the typical things from a long that is tackled by numerous people is to edit it.

If you are the one who wants to convert a PDF into an Editable text or word document, then many methods are available out there.

The below-given method will eradicate all the issues help with the editing of such kind of files.

PDF to Text

Basically, the Adobe PDF comes handy while sharing the files with someone else that’s why these are locked and can’t be edited.

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Get the Full Version of Acrobat for Editing Text Document

It is really important that you should focus on genuine methods. The best method is to get the full version which will require you to spend money.

As you purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat, now you won’t only read, you can edit files too. If you don’t want to spend money, then there are a couple of alternatives to help you out.

Using Google Drive can help you out in many ways. Log in with your account, and it can be done on your smartphone too. Now, upload the document to your google drive, and you need to select the PDF file for it.

As the file will be uploaded, you need to right-click on it and choose the option of “open in.” It will give you many options, and it is better to choose Google Docs.

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You can edit it here and if you want to get it on PC then choose the download option.

Bottom Line

While downloading, make sure to prefer Download as Microsoft Word (.docx) file. This file will run smoothly, and you can edit it, and you can do anything as you want from it.

How to Setup up Google Family to share Google Services?

Using Android Smartphone is quite helpful with a wide range of features that can be accessed on many systems. But, let’s start by knowing a little about it.

You are capable of sharing content across all the Google Play Accounts by using this method. It can help to connect six accounts with this method.

Even there are family managers (Parents) and a limited number of connected account generally children. Mainly, these are children.

Setting up Google Family is not a tough task but there are some clear instructions that you need to follow.

Google Family Link

We will here get you all the required details so just keep reading.

Steps to Setup Google Family –

There is need of being an Android user to set up this system and access all the data of children device.

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  • Open Google Play Store and open the menu in the left corner. From the plenty of options, choose Account and then go to Family setting.
  • You need to enroll yourself in the family library, and it can be one by Sign up for Family Library option. It will give you a brief of all and what to expect from it.
  • Check out all, or you can try out other options like hitting the “Sign Up” button. It will eradicate all the issues easily.
  • The registration process is going to take couple minutes but once it is completed, choose “Continue” button and everything is done.
  • Being the Family manager means you should be above 18 and there are terms and conditions given for it. You can see the email address and many other things.
  • Now, you have to set up the Family Payment Method. Many pages will be given an upfront, and you should follow the steps wisely. If you don’t want to add family payment method then skips it.
  • If the payment method is already stored, then you are able to choose it from Google Wallet. It will make things easier, and definitely, it’s the best option given to resolve most of the issues for you.
  • Adding all the family member is next thing now. Just add the continue button, and you will be sending some invitation. The notification is provided to your email id once the invitation is accepted. It can make things easier and reliable to you.

These are pretty easy steps to follow and once completed, you can easily enjoy highly exceptional Family features.

If you don’t want to get into any kind of issue, then it is better that you focus on learning key features.

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If you don’t want to get into any kind of issue, then it is better that you focus on learning key features.

There are plenty of amazing features that can help you out for sure.

How To Manage Google Family?

There are family management features coming in handy to you and helping in many ways. Open the Play Store, head over to Family setting option in the account option.

You have two options, manage family members and the second one is family library settings.

Use any of these to manage what child account can do.

If you have any problems then you can comment down below and we will try our best to sort it out.

How to Install LineageOS on Android Phone?

Android comes with plenty of amazing features, and it is easy to find that customization is one of the most loved features of it. You can easily download amazing apps and customize your device.

However, changing the firmware can entirely give it a different look and add new features with better accessibility.

LineageOS is an operating system, and you can easily install it in Android devices. By using this firmware, getting the benefit of better features becomes easier, and it is quite helpful too.

Install Lineage OS Android

To install LineageOS, you need to download it first of all. After that following below given steps ensure the better installation as well as easily too.

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Installing LineageOS on Android – Step by Step Guide

By following a couple of steps, one can easily install the LineageOS on Android smartphone. Make sure to follow all steps wisely.

  1. First of all, you need to download the OS and then save it in the mobile storage. Make sure to store it in the internal memory of your smartphone. It is important.
  2. Reboot your smartphone in recovery mode but make sure to backup everything in your smartphone. There are various methods, and the easy one is to shut down your smartphone. Now, hold volume down button along with Power button of your device. The entire process will not take much of your time and you can carry out it with ease.
  3. Your smartphone will turn on in recovery mode now. Samsung users should focus on three buttons, Home button, Power button and Volume button. Pressing these simultaneously is important.
  4. There is wipe option in TWRP to remove the existing software. It will do a factory reset. Now, you can find the install button, and you need to redirect it to LineageOS in your smartphone.
  5. As you will choose the zip file in the smartphone, you need to swipe, and it will ask you to “Swipe to Confirm Flash.” The custom ROM installation will begin after this.
  6. You need to add the Gapps file while saving the Lineage File. You need to install the Gapps when the file is successfully installed in your system. It will be installing all the Google Application on your smartphone.
  7. As everything will be done, there is a need for choosing “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” option. As you will swipe, all the files that are not important will be wiped up in couple minutes.

These are easy to follow steps, and you can easily install the LineageOS by this method. If you don’t want to tackle to a single issue, it is always better to focus on all steps wisely and using the right firmware.

Now, you just need to reboot smartphone and set it up as you do with a new smartphone.

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Important Note – Installing Lineage in your Android smartphone is going to void the warranty of your device. If you have a newly bought smartphone, then it is better to avoid the installation because of a single issue while installation can make your smartphone Brick.

How to Share MAC Internet Connection (WIFI Hotspot)?

Probably, most of you may know about the built-in internet sharing functions offered in the Mac OS X that are offering you great functionality during the travel trips.

Most of the time, you have seen that hotels room with the Ethernet jack allows one connection.

However, getting the internet on your other devices like Smartphone or tablet becomes a troublesome thing.

With the internet sharing option also called as the WiFi hotspot, you are able to get rid of most of the issues with ease. It is better and reliable option to go with.

If you get the wired connection then you can share the connection using hotspot but in case of single wireless connectivity option, a MAC allows you to share connectivity using the wired connection.

Sharing MAC Internet Connectivity with WIFI Hotspot

If you are at a hotel or somewhere with the Ethernet jack option on the wall then it is easy to share this connection using the hotspot option.

MAC WIFI Internet

Firstly, you need to connect MAC with Ethernet cable and then it is easy to access internet on Mac.

However, the next step is to make this PC the Wi-Fi sharing hotspot. It is easy and you can complete it a by various methods.

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It can be done with MacBook Airs or all the Retina MacBook Pros versions. If you have any other version then you may tackle down to issues lately and can’t get a better intent connection speed.

For now, if you have airs or pros, it is time to make them access intent. There is need of a USB or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter so you can connect the wire and use intent easily on Macbook.

After this, you get started with the sharing options. Test out internet connection using any of the reliable web browsers.

Steps to Share MAC Internet Connection –

  • You need to open Mac’s System preferences. Here, you can find the Internet & Wireless option in the sharing menu option.
  • There is a list given in the left and you have to click on Internet Sharing option. You can find many options to Share internet.
  • Click on Share your Connection from “Ethernet to Wi-Fi” and everything is done. It will take a couple of seconds.
  • You need to click on Wi-Fi options button and configure the name as well as password. This will configure your wireless network. You have to set up the name and don’t change anything with the channel.
  • Make sure to keep a password to avoid any sort of issue otherwise chances of facing issues lately are higher.
  • On the other hand, you should check out internet sharing checkbox option because it is going to enable sharing. It will make your mac work like the wireless router and all the gears can access Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Now, from the gear, you want to connect to the internet, turn on wifi and look for nearby devices. You can find the Macbook or intent connection name. Connect it by using the password and internet will start working.

It is easy to follow all steps and you can easily rely on it and there are lots of people using it mostly in hotels and such other places.

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This guide will work perfectly for MAC OS X 10.8 and the later versions.


If you get a Wi-Fi connection in the hotel and you want to use it to other PC instead of using it only on Mac then there are some easy methods too.

There is need of using an Ethernet cable to connect Mac to other PC or you can use thunderbolt cable to connect two MacBooks.