PUBG Mobile Hacks, Tips, Tricks and Aimbots!

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Hey there, As the topic suggests, we will discuss today some working Hacks, tips and tricks for PUBG. It is also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND.

If you were searching for PUBG Hack or PC Emulators for Free UC or Battleground Points then do read the article till the end. We will talk about some working tips and scams that scammers are sharing in this Internet World.

These Tips will work on all devices including iOS, Android and PC.


PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, XBOX released on 23rd March by PUBG Corporation and Bluehole.

It became popular at the end of 2017 nearly November. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Game focuses about the last man standing.

PUBG Mobile Hack

100 Peoples joins the game, they drop in a map, they collect guns and other equipment like chest, helmet, grenades etc to stay alive. To win the Match you have to follow this rule.

There is another twist because the map gets smaller after every few minutes. So, if you stay out of the safe zone you will die slowly.

The better you play the more Battlepoints you will win in this amazing game.

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How to get Free Battle Points (BP) on PUBG?

You can get free battle points also know as bp if you follow these following tips and tricks below

  • Login Every day: Yes, Logging in everyday give you a small number of battle points which increases every day and you get a crate on the 7th day which gives you 100-500 free bp.
  • Play safe: Playing safe and not envolving in attacks and keeping yourself at top 10 also awards you with bp while the top 3 and last man standing gets the highest number of battle points.
  • Completing Events: Completing Events gives you various types of awards like new t-shirts, pants, and crate which contains 100-500 bp so always keep an eye on new events.
  • Redeeming Awards: As you go further in the game you will get awards which you can redeem in events area to earn BP Crates.
  • Gifting Friends: Gifting Friends BP which won’t be deducted from your account can actually earn you free bp if they gift you back.
  • Completing Missions: Completing Daily Missions and weekly missions also earn you free bp and experience.

Legit Method to Get Free BP in PUBG

How to get Free UC or Unknown Cash on PUBG?

Well this might sound a little bit heartbreaking and harsh but the truth is there is no way to get free UC or Unknown Cash on PUBG.

There are some glitches and bots which gives you free UC and other in-game purchase for free.

PUBG is Impossible to hack or Cheat while it is ILLEGAL on the other hand also. Recently, 141 PUBG hackers have been arrested for creating Hacking software containing a Trojan virus, in China.

But I won’t suggest Hacks or cheats as PUBG and Bluehole are always updating their security. They are patching up these glitches so there is a high risk of losing your PUBG account.

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Warning: PUBG Mobile Generators / Hack Tools are PURE Scams

You will get tons of results promising of giving you unlimited UC, BP, Experience etc, are nothing just a way of scamming you, these websites somewhat looks like this.

free uc pubg

They will ask you your nickname or username, then your platform and the amount of BP or UC you need to get for free sounds legit?

The process looks so amazing and eye-catching that any normal guy like you or me will think that this will work with some scripts showing around that generator.

But, Trust me it doesn’t work at all. They redirect you to a verification page every F**king time and asks you to prove that are you human or not.

You need to complete long lasting surveys, which leaves you scammed and spams in your emails.

They actually do this for money, completing surveys gives them money and these scammers make it look so real that many of us actually complete these surveys and fill their pocket.

PUBG Aimbots, Wallhacks, SpeedHack Working?

Every gamer who plays PUBG have come across this discussion that is there something called aimbots, wallhacks or speedhacks.

Well Yes, there are some PUBG Aimbots which many forums and websites shares. But you should also be aware of disadvantages. They are discussed down below:

  • Account Ban: Bluehole Company invest lots of money on their security for catching such bots. So, if they catch you running these bots, you will be permanently banned from playing this beautiful game.
  • Viruses: Many websites share Viruses, Malware and Adware in the name of bots which harms your privacy.
  • Not Much Fun: This is just an opinion from my side. But playing with such bots is not FUN for me. I love competition which can only be there if you play fair.
  • Scams: Many websites ask for money in exchange for such bots which they never deliver. So, make sure you are at the correct website.
  • Bluehole is against bots: You can face legal problems as the gaming company is strict with such acts. They have already taken over 200 players behind bars.


PUBG or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is a beautiful game. Let’s play it fair and use the tips I gave you. You can earn BP and you can also get UC from in-game purchase.

Finding or Searching hacks, bots are illegal. So, play safe and do comment your views or any tips you have regarding PUBG in comment Section. Till then Adios!

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