How to Share MAC Internet Connection (WIFI Hotspot)?

Probably, most of you may know about the built-in internet sharing functions offered in the Mac OS X that are offering you great functionality during the travel trips.

Most of the time, you have seen that hotels room with the Ethernet jack allows one connection.

However, getting the internet on your other devices like Smartphone or tablet becomes a troublesome thing.

With the internet sharing option also called as the WiFi hotspot, you are able to get rid of most of the issues with ease. It is better and reliable option to go with.

If you get the wired connection then you can share the connection using hotspot but in case of single wireless connectivity option, a MAC allows you to share connectivity using the wired connection.

Sharing MAC Internet Connectivity with WIFI Hotspot

If you are at a hotel or somewhere with the Ethernet jack option on the wall then it is easy to share this connection using the hotspot option.

MAC WIFI Internet

Firstly, you need to connect MAC with Ethernet cable and then it is easy to access internet on Mac.

However, the next step is to make this PC the Wi-Fi sharing hotspot. It is easy and you can complete it a by various methods.

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It can be done with MacBook Airs or all the Retina MacBook Pros versions. If you have any other version then you may tackle down to issues lately and can’t get a better intent connection speed.

For now, if you have airs or pros, it is time to make them access intent. There is need of a USB or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter so you can connect the wire and use intent easily on Macbook.

After this, you get started with the sharing options. Test out internet connection using any of the reliable web browsers.

Steps to Share MAC Internet Connection –

  • You need to open Mac’s System preferences. Here, you can find the Internet & Wireless option in the sharing menu option.
  • There is a list given in the left and you have to click on Internet Sharing option. You can find many options to Share internet.
  • Click on Share your Connection from “Ethernet to Wi-Fi” and everything is done. It will take a couple of seconds.
  • You need to click on Wi-Fi options button and configure the name as well as password. This will configure your wireless network. You have to set up the name and don’t change anything with the channel.
  • Make sure to keep a password to avoid any sort of issue otherwise chances of facing issues lately are higher.
  • On the other hand, you should check out internet sharing checkbox option because it is going to enable sharing. It will make your mac work like the wireless router and all the gears can access Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Now, from the gear, you want to connect to the internet, turn on wifi and look for nearby devices. You can find the Macbook or intent connection name. Connect it by using the password and internet will start working.

It is easy to follow all steps and you can easily rely on it and there are lots of people using it mostly in hotels and such other places.

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This guide will work perfectly for MAC OS X 10.8 and the later versions.


If you get a Wi-Fi connection in the hotel and you want to use it to other PC instead of using it only on Mac then there are some easy methods too.

There is need of using an Ethernet cable to connect Mac to other PC or you can use thunderbolt cable to connect two MacBooks.

How to Remove MAC Viruses for Free?

A MAC OS is called as one of the safest platforms where chances of facing issues due to viruses are low. Even if you are using the oldest version, you can’t face virus issue easily.

However, if your Mac has the virus, then it needs to be eradicated as soon as possible.

There are many methods to remove viruses from Mac, but almost every one of them is paid.

Remove MAC Viruses

You can try out some free methods, and this guide focuses on easiest ones. Even this method will help you eradicate malware also. It makes things reliable and easy for you.

Signs of having Virus in a Mac

Before you head over to clean virus, you should know that whether your PC is infected by Viruses or not.

There are many things that you can do and trace viruses on your PC or Mac.

  • A Mac starts to behave erratically, and some unexpected things start happening like pop-ups and more.
  • The performance issue is easy to find and most of Mac’s performance deduced by half as if the virus hits it up.
  • Even there are advertisements on your desktop. This popup due to viruses or malware. It is the reason that you should eradicate these as soon as possible.
  • Many applications and software will be installed automatically that you haven’t installed. These reduce performance too.
  • Some software doesn’t run like they used to. Even you can find crashes with that software. It causes numerous issues.

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If you are seeing these symptoms from couple days, it is better to stay offline and not to use any E-banking website or app on it.

How to eradicate viruses from MAC?

Plenty of options are available out there to eradicate viruses or malware from the Mac. These are the easy one and free to choose. ‘

  1. Browser Extensions

Sometimes the browser extensions are behind pop-up ads and reduced performance issue. Most of Mac users face issue due to such things.

However, you can easily get rid of these by deleting every unknown extension. You have to focus on many apps.

  • Safari – It is mostly used in web browser on Mac. You need to launch Safari on it and go to menu section. Here, you can find the preference button. By clicking on extension tab, you will get the list, and you can find some suspicious extensions on the list too. Uninstall such extensions without waiting for a single minute. Repeat this process with all the suspicious extensions and then reboot your Mac.
  • Chrome – Launch chrome on your Mac and head over to menu, preference and then click on three vertical dots icon which is given in the top right corner. Tap on more tools option and choose Extensions. Do the same that you did with safari to remove all the suspicious extensions from the browser. Make sure to remove every single extension that is suspicious. You can try out removing all.
  • Firefox – Firefox is one of the most used browser after safari and chrome. If you are a Firefox user, then launch it up. Head over to tools that is given in menu bar. Click on extensions option which is given at left-hand side and remove all the suspicious extensions from the web browsers.

After the removal of all suspicious extension from the Mac, you should reboot your PC, and it is going to take couple of minutes.

Check again and if you still face any issue then try out the next solution given below.

  1. Remove Apps

Malware can enter your Mac in many ways. If you use unofficial apps or the cracked versions, then chances are higher of having Trojan or malware in your PC.

Even crack software come with many viruses too. If you have bunch of software installed, but you don’t know which one is causing the issue then follow few basic steps.

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Launch every single app you have, and if any of them is lagging too much, then chances of having virus in that app are higher. But, it is not sure.

So, you should use any of the cleaning app or free anti-viruses. These will help you clean up viruses and malware easily. It is quite reliable.

How to Send iMessage from MAC to Android?

Apple is well known to create a closed ecosystem which makes so many issues like apple users can’t send iMessage to Android users.

It is one of most asked question that how to send iMessages to Android users. Fortunately, there is one easy to rely on the method that works perfectly, and you can try that out and Android users can iMessage.

How to send iMessage from MAC to Android?


Mainly the android users are at another end where they can’t access an iMessage. So Android users need to get the solution.

By installing a third party app, getting iMessage on Android is possible. There is an app called as weMessage which will help Mac users to send messages.

  • First of all download weMesssage on both and install.
  • Open the app on Mac, and you need to install java (mostly required).
  • Setting up the privacy setting is the next and most impotent thing.
  • Enter your Email on weMessage at mac, and the same goes for Android users.
  • You need to enter the Mac’s IP address to access it and make the connection.

Well, everything is done and therefore whenever you will send messages, the iMessage app will work smoothly.

Is There Any Alternative?

When it comes to sending messages to Android users from any iOS device, most of the people wonder about solutions.

It is easy to find that you have to use third party app to get it done and better to go for the trusted apps because you will be sending mac from these.

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Most of the people use popular Social messaging apps like Whatsapp and other from Mac but using iMessage is quite typical. Hope, this guide will help you send the message from Mac to Android end with ease.

Don’t miss the above-mentioned details and even assist out other needy individuals who are struggling to send messages.

How to Setup a VPN on MAC OS?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which mainly provides a tunnel to serve online. A good VPN can provide excellent security, and primarily it is regarding the safety of data you are browsing.

If you are at the hotel or any public place where you can browse the internet using public wi-fi then be aware. This network is open, and anyone can easily access it.

The trouble you get is regarding the privacy. Users on the same network can check what you are browsing as well as they can get into your device. Some of the ethical hackers can do it with ease.

If you don’t want to mess up with such issues, then a VPN can help. All the devices like smartphone, PC, and the Mac can browse using VPN. Wondering that how to set up VPN on a MAC OS?

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Setting VPN on MAC Operating System

Well, there are few steps to follow, and you can quickly set a highly secure VPN and browse without any issue –

  1. If you are buying the VPN subscription, then you will receive a configuration file which is easy to setup. In case, you don’t have any sort of VPN file, and you want to enter it manually then follow below given steps.
  2. To set VPN manually, Click on Apple Menu, head over to system preference, and choose network here. One more list pops up so choose VPN out of them.
  3. There is a list at the left, and you should click on the + sign. You need to provide information like VPN service name and hit Create button.
  4. You will get three options to choose from. Each one has a different role and has a different kind of protocol type. You can know about it from the service provider, or you can check out some of free VPN online.
    1. L2TP
    2. IPSec
    3. IKEv2
  5. Server address and Account name will help you configure the VPN profile. Complete all of them wisely.
  6. You need to hit Authentication settings button, and you need to enter the information that you just received from network administer.
  7. Just with next click on “OK” and “Connect” button, you will be connected to VPN. If the setting isn’t right, then the connection won’t be created.


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These are some easy to follow steps that will help you set up VPN on MAC OS, and you can browse safely onward.

How to Boot MAC on Recovery Mode?

Sometimes you can find issue with the startup in a Mac and many reasons may be behind it but the great solution to your issue is to use recovery mode.

Even if you are selling your Mac and wipe it out completely, the recovery mode comes handy again. Reason can be any but this mode is quite helpful and reliable to go with.

It is going to fix problems with the disc, or related to the older versions of a MacOS. Various methods are available to boot in recovery mode and the below-given steps offer easy one.

Terminal MAC

Entering Recovery Mode in MAC

To enter recovery mode, follow given four steps. If these methods don’t work then you need to go for repair or customer support.

  • Turn on your Macbook, click on Apple logo (at the top corner of left). Just navigate your pointer to it with touchpad and open it up.
  • Tap on Reboot button and it will start again now. Meanwhile, Press “Command + R” buttons. A spinning globe will appear and it will load recovery screen.
  • This mode work on the internet that’s why makes sure to have a working internet connection connected.
  • It will show many options that can help you to fulfill the need with ease. Choose the option and many options will appear in that particular section.

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As you want to restore or want to do anything with disk utility, choose the right option.

What Can You Do With Recovery Mode?

A couple of things can be done in recovery mode and the given below is the list of things to do –

  • If you want to restore Time Machine Backup then the recovery mode is required.
  • You can use disk utility which will help you verify and repair connected drives
  • You are also able to check out the internet connection and troubleshoot issues.
  • It becomes easy to get help online with the help of safari and it is the reliable option.
  • If you want to reinstall MacOS or just a new install or upgrade, this mode will help.

Recovery Mode

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The above-given things can be done with ease. Just make sure to know important things like how to use any of the options from given above and try that again. Make sure to have an internet connection otherwise it won’t work.

How to Install Windows on MAC OS?

Are you willing to install Microsoft Windows on Mac? Boot Camp will help in going like a pro. It is one of the best alternatives whether you want to do gaming or try out new features of Windows 10. This guide will get you going.

Mac Versions Supporting Windows 10

Compatibility matter the most where Apple straightforwardly mentioned the name of compatible Macs name. If you are using any versions from the given ones then you can install windows 7, 8, and 10.

  • Macbook air 2012 version and later
  • Macbook Pro 2012 version and later
  • iMac 2012 version and later
  • Mac mini server late 2012
  • Mac Pro late 2013 versions
  • iMac mini 2012 version and later
  • Macbook 2015 and later

As if your mac is supporting Microsoft Windows 10 then make sure to empty up 32 GB storage. It is minimum storage required to make windows work on Mac.

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Even you are able to divide windows partitions but it must have sufficient storage for the partition thing.  Give a partition any size but make sure to empty up storage before getting started.

Install MAC

It will be better to update Mac’s OS. This will help you eradicate almost every single compatibility issue from the OS. Even nothing will go wrong while the installation.

Download Windows 10 ISO File

Before getting started, you need to have a Windows 10 ISO file and you can download it from the Microsoft Web sites. Just download it straight from the website to your Mac’s hard drive.

  1. Visit the official website of Microsoft and click on drop-down menu button.
  2. Here, you need to select the required edition you want to download. Choose windows 10.
  3. It will ask you to confirm and now, click on drop-down menu again and select product language.
  4. After selecting the language of choice, hit confirm button and choose the 64-bit version to download.
  5. Now, just save the file in your Mac’s drive and let it download for few minutes or hours depending upon the speed of the internet.

As the downloading finishes, follow the step by step guide to install it without getting into any sort of issue.

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Installation Method

After the downloading of IOS file, you need to install it up which can be done by given below 8 steps.

  1. The primary thing about the installation of windows 10 on mac is to open Boot Camp Assistant which is given at utility folder. And you can navigate to it by going to the application, utilities and then boot camp assistant.
  2. Click on continue and Bootcamp is going to locate ISO file automatically. Now, click on it and drag the slider to partition section. So, it is going to be 48GB automatically which is enough to install and use windows. There is also the option to add much storage in the drive.
  3. Just by clicking on install button, the windows support software will be downloaded and you just need to type down the password. Click OK and mac will restart and windows 10 boot will begin from now.
  4. Choose language, enter the product key and if you don’t have any key then go for the trial version by clicking on I don’t have a key. You can buy windows 10’s key after installation.
  5. Choose among windows 10 pro or any other version depending upon the preference or whatever you want to use in it.
  6. Click “Next” and choose “Custom – Install Windows only” option from the given options. Click on Drive 0 partition X: BOOTCAMP. Choosing anything else can cause trouble so avoid that out.
  7. Your Mac is going to restart many times during the installation but everything is done. As everything will be finish regarding installation, you need to choose from Express Setting or customize your installation. Using Express settings will be better and reliable option.
  8. Just provide a username and add a password if you want to. Click on Next and rest are up to you because there will some new settings to use or not to use option. Just for an example Cortana.

Windows 10 will be installed in your Mac now. Install require software and make sure to activate this windows by purchasing the activation key.

How to FIX Blue Screen on MAC?

Blue screen on PC is common, and almost everyone tackles such issues with older version of PC or Mac. However, Mac users face the worst problem and resolving it out is quite typical. Many methods can help in fixing the blue screen. Here’s what to do –

FIX Blue Screen on MAC

  1. It is likely the issue with startup, or it can be an issue related to peripheral connected to Mac.
  2. You should remove all the drives or other gadgets connected to your Mac and try it again.
  3. Make sure to keep Mouse and Keyboard attached as if it is a desktop mac.
  4. Shut down Your Mac and wait up to 30 seconds and more. Start it again.
  5. Chances are higher that it will boot this time and you need to find the peripherals causing issues.

Most of the time, this method, and it is quite helpful to take down most of the issues. However, if it doesn’t work, then there is need of trying out other methods.

FIX Bluescreen MAC

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Alternative Methods for FIX

You used the first method, but that doesn’t work at all. Well, it is time to look for other options. Follow the below-given steps –

  1. You should boot your Mac in Safe Mode. While starting to uphold the Shift key until the Apple Logo appears.
  2. If you logged in into Safe Mode, then it is automatically going to resolve the issue. Restart your Mac now but turn it on in normal mode without doing anything.
  3. For pretty much certain reason, the blue screen will be fixed this time.
  4. However, if the issue is still there, you need to update the operating system.
  5. To upgrade OS, get into the safe mode again. Tap on Apple Menu, Click on the Mac button and choose software update

You can find that your Mac will be fixed with the update but if don’t then check out system preferences and users. Make sure to check out login and other information.

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If everything is alright, then your mac will be able to boot in normal mode. You should delete all the login items because these can be behind the blue screen.

Final Words

If you don’t want to get into any issue, then it will be better to call Apple Support and telling the problem. An authenticated repair center will fix this issue easily, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.