Fix AppCrash “Program has stopped working” in Windows

It is true that this is the one of the common that people are thinking right now i.e.” what is Appcrash and what is happening in the PC?  Well, this is really a creepy issue.

Most importantly, if these problems occur on someone’s computer, then it actually makes difficulty for the users to operate their device appropriately.

However, if you are also a victim of this technical complication, then there is no need to get troubled anymore.

Here, potential users will attain enough relevant information regarding getting rid of this Windows problem with ease.

What is Appcrash ?

In addition, what is Appcrash? Well, Appcrash is a pop-up error message represents by the Microsoft Windows.

Generally, it appears when the program won’t be able to perform the procedure to run itself.

Also, it ends up creating these sorts of popup crash error messages on the windows screen.  However, this message of error will inform you all about it.

Program has Stopped Working

The above is an example of how Appcrash Error message looks like.

For instance, it will show error name, corrupted folder or filenames, and other things.

Learn About Error Message With Detail

Basically, this error appears in the windows when you try to run or install specific software.

Also, there are tons of various reasons why users are getting the Appcrash hurdle on the computer.

Conversely, you can’t blame any particular thing on this problem.

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This problem can be occurring due to window update software installation or maybe few corrupted .dll files and much more.

To fix it in the right manner, read the given below information of Appcrash error message.

  • Trouble Event Name – APPCRASH
  • Application Name – iexplore.exe
  • Application Version –
  • Application Timestamp – 4cz7v45b
  • Error Module Name – MRHTFL.dll
  • Error Module Version – 11.0.9600.17496
  • Error Module Timestamp – 546ff2f9
  • Exclusion Code – c0045602

Furthermore, there are some folks still unable to understand the causes of the program have stopped working. These are:

  • Virus Complications.
  • Windows Registry corrupted problem.
  • Corrupted Window Issue.
  • Corrupted Software Problem.

How To Fix The Appcrash Issue?

There are lots of methods available, which can support the users to overcome these sorts of hurdles with ease.  There is no need to worry.

These techniques are very straightforward and you can easily use them to resolve this issue.

Clean your Window’s Junk:  In this method, users need to clean each and every junk file for their PC.

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There are numerous things such as junk files, temporary files and corrupted registry, which makes your PC perform very bad.

In order to remove the junk files, follow the following steps:

  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp
  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
  • C:\Windows\Temp
  • C:\Temp

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work, then use CMD Commands For All Windows Version.

You can also utilize these given Commands in your Windows CMD to clean each and every junk file conveniently.

You don’t even need to search those suggested file path location in the PC.

  • rd /s /q %temp%
  • user %temp%
  • rd /s /q c:\windows\temp\
  • user c:\windows\temp\

Remove Your PC’s Virus Completely:

With the advancement in the technology, there are a variety of viruses also roaming around in the technical world.

These sorts of complications arise if the virus gets the entry in your PC. You need to get rid of them instantly.

Otherwise, it will worsen the condition of your system and cause the problem like “Program has Stopped Working”.  You need to get rid of these viruses now.

How to eliminate the virus from PC? Well, there is tons of antivirus software available in the market, which support the user to destroy them.

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Moreover, you can easily purchase the antivirus from a market or online stores and install into your PC.  It will offer many features for the users in order to defend.

This software is not much expensive, so you can conveniently attain them.  Users can also test their abilities by utilizing them in the trial version.

For instance, Avast is one of the best ant viruses, which directly remove them from the system. Use them and resolve the issues with ease.

Fix Windows Files

Last, but not least. In this method, you need to repair some of your windows files in order to resolve this hassle.  Just follow the listed below instruction and gain success easily.

Most importantly, don’t do anything by yourself. It will cause the problem, so it is better to read and utilize the stuff with ease.

  • Click on Start Menu.
  • In the Start Search box, write cmd, and then tap CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to open cmd as administrator.
  • Write SFC/scan now and hit enter.

Final Words

On the whole, there is no need to get worried about anything, just read the given below information and overcome the hurdles of Program has Stopped Working conveniently.

FIX Network Error “Windows Cannot Access \\ Computer Name” ?

It is true that Windows Cannot Access \\ Computer Name is a problem related to the network of the Local Area Connection.

Normally, these sorts of issues occur due to the limited permission of the network.  Mainly, users are having these complications after creating the LAN connection in PC.

In this issue, the error popup message will come into sight of the users when they try to share the file.  Also, with the file, you can’t even share any other sorts of stuff as well and it’s getting hard to locate the error setting.

  • Network fault.
  • Windows cannot access \\ Computer Name.
  • You do not have the authorization to access \\ Computer Name contacts your network administrator to ask for access.

In addition, if you are having this issue on the local network area too, then you need to cognize some method to overcome it.  There is no need to get troubled.

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Here you will attain enough relevant information regarding getting access to the network area.

Windows Cannot Access

It will also support the user’s PC to read or write the folder and files on the shared drive in your Windows network area location.

Let’s Dig Deep To Cognize How To Troubleshoot This Fault

Generally, the access denied network fault appears because of some sorts of network related permission issues.

But sometimes there is also few or more reason for this fault to pop up on the PC screen. Those are: Improper LAN Connection

  • Improper LAN Division Setting
  • Improper Drive Or File Security Setting
  • Windows Registry Found Corrupted

Here is some method to repair them without making too many efforts. These techniques are very straightforward, so you can conveniently use them to overcome the window problems.

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Method 1: Resolve Improper Local Area Network Connection And Transfer Setting

You made a LAN connection recently by yourself or trying to commence sharing the file or folders.  In these sorts of cases, you need to makes sure the connection you created is appropriated.

There are lots of times when the users miss some step while setting up the LAN network.  So, you need to gather some more information in order to set up two computers via LAN in the Windows.

Make sure to make the better connection and overcome the hassles with ease.

  • Open the Control panel or search the Network and sharing center in the start menu.
  • Choose the option of Network and sharing center.
  • From the left sidebar, press on the Change adapter setting option.
  • Now when the Internet protocol version 4 in PC popup, then enter the IP address manually to operate it perfectly.

Method 2: Resolve Improper Drive Or File Security Setting

  • First of all, users will have to right tap on that drive or file what you’ve wanted to transfer.
  • Then, in that file’s or drive’s properties, choose the “Sharing” tab and press on “Advanced Sharing” option.
  • Then, click the tick on the “Share this folder” option.
  • Then, tap on the “Permission” option.
  • Now give each and every the full permission to access.

Method 3: Overcome Window Registry Found Corrupted

  • Now, users have to go reverse to the drive’s or file’s properties window again. This time, choose the Security option from the upper menu and press on the “Edit” key.
  • Afterward, tap on “Add” option.
  • Now select the “Advanced” option to locate the username.
  • Press on “Locate Now” option to make the PC to offer you the list of all presented users.
  • Locate the username called everyone from the available list, and choose it and click “OK” option.

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Final Verdict

On the whole, this is the common issue, which can occur in each and every PC.

So, there is no need to worry about it, just check the above-mentioned problems and resolve it with ease.

Follow the steps appropriately to gain success without making too much effort. Also, it is advisable not to do anything by yourself. Otherwise, it will lure more hurdles.

Use it wisely and get rid of the Windows Cannot Access \\ Computer Name issue.

FIX Laptop’s “Plugged in Not Charging” Problem

It is fact that when this issue appears on the Window screen, then it is possible that users might not be able to charge your laptop.

Also, it might represent that “Plugged In, Not charging” sorts of problems or few other froze percentage figures.

Why “Plugged in Not Charging” Problem occurs in Laptops?

Users can attain these sorts of hassles on any device whether you are using Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer etc. You may know that, Plugged in not charging issues arise due to the hardware or software related complications in the laptop.

However, there is no need to be bothered about it now.  Just read the given below information to get rid of this obstacle with ease.

Plugged in Not Charging

In addition, the list of the four primary and only causes, which are occurring in the user’s laptop. Those are:

  • Windows Problem
  • Power Charger (Adapter) Issues.
  • Batter Complications.
  • Laptop’s Internal Motherboard Hassles.

Most of the time, in order to overcome these problems, people buy new charges or their laptop.  Sometimes, they even purchase the latest charger as well.

But if you are also facing any of these complications, then don’t be afraid and just following the given below methods.

Learn How To Troubleshoot Windows And Hardware Problem

Mainly, users will be going to repair the laptop by using this method.  This is the issue normally occurred due to the corrupted power adapter of the windows OS.

The name of the corrupted driver is “Microsoft ACPI-complaint control method battery”.  This is the main root to create the Plugged in Not Charging problem on the laptop.

What is ACPI? Well, the ACPI refers to the advanced configuration and power interface.  It actually works is to maintain the process of the charging services.

These sorts of files are corrupted due to the viruses. Sometimes, it occur expired registry or maybe the 3rd party software set up.

Removing Corrupted Drivers in your Laptop

How to remove this corrupted drivers from any laptop? First of all, the users need turn off the device if it’s running.  Take your laptop’s battery out from the back panel.

Now, give a shot to commence the laptop with the support of the power adapter wire.  There is no need to worry; users can operate their laptop by only using the charger cable.

If it didn’t start normally, then there is a fault in the wire. On the flip side, if it commences appropriately, then move to check the troubleshot hardware issues.

  • Start the laptop and tap window key along with R button to open the Run dialog.
  • Type the “devmgmt.msc” to open the Windows device manager.
  • Afterward, users need to expand the Batteries key to locate the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” drivers in the laptop.
  • Now try to remove the Microsoft ACPI-complaint control method battery at first.
  • There is no need to eradicate the ACPI driver, just remove the second one Microsoft AC adapter from the device manager.

Cognize What To Do, If This Issue Come Back Again

In case, if the problem of your laptop still isn’t fixed appropriately, then your system might get messed up by some virus pretty well.

One of the better options is to fix that, by allocating the best in class virus cleaner tool in the laptop.  You can easily attain the anti-virus from the nearby market and online store.

Plugged in Not Charging HP

Purchase the appropriate one and protect the laptop from the problem of Plugged in Not Charging.

Other problem of charger arises due to some changes in the BIOS setting.  You need to reset the laptop’s BIOS.  For that:

  • Start your PC or laptop, and press F2 Key or Del Key to open the BIOS Menu.
  • After when the users successfully enter into the BIOS menu, scroll down and tap on the Reset option.
  • Click Exit and tap Y for yes.

Final Statement

On the whole, if you are still facing these sorts of complications, then read the above-mentioned information carefully.

There is no need to be worried; it’s just a normal issue.

Most importantly, don’t try to do anything by yourself, it can create more problems.

So, just follow the step appropriately and overcome the issue with ease.

FIX “Internet Explorer cannot Display the Webpage” Error

It is fact that with the advancement in the technology and introduction of the internet services, it is very convenient to locate anything in the world.

Also, to operate the internet, there are some specific tools available, which support to access the online services without conveniently.

These sorts of applications are available in the form of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and others.

When we think about the best, then the Internet Explorer comes to our mind first.  This is the basic tool, which is in-built in the fresh system.

Internet Explorer Microsoft

On the flip side, to attain others tools, you need to download them from their official site.

In addition, with the enhancement of the fame, there are tons of user find it hard to operate the Internet Explorer.

Why Internet Explorer Gives Error Displaying a Webpage?

According to the recent survey, some potential people have reported getting the issue Internet Explorer can’t display this page.

This problem occurs when the users are trying to attain success to the internet.  Mainly, these complications also don’t give a reason about what sorts of problems making this happens.

If you are one of them, then there is no need to worry. Just read the listed below following techniques and overcome this hassle conveniently.

Solution 1: Reset The Setting of Internet Explorer.

  • Press Window Key along with R button. It will show Run dialog afterward.
  • Write “inetcpl.cpl” and tap on the OK key to read the next position.
  • You will see the Internet Properties now. Click on the advanced button now and followed by the reset and delete personal setting options.
  • Internet Explorer setting will now be reset and you can conveniently operate it easily.

Restore Internet Explorer

Solution 2: Disable Application Rendering.

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Tap on the Tools menu and press the alt button to an active menu bar.
  • Press on the Internet option i.e. a configuration window will appear in front of users.
  • Tap on Advanced options.
  • Un-select the “use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.
  • Restart the internet explorer and enjoy.

Solution 3: Reboot Modem/Router.

Sometimes, you can face hurdles due to the glitch in the installation of the connection with the ISP.

However, if you have linked your other devices such as phones, PC and other sorts of stuff, then you need a reboot of the routers. Following steps are:

  • Try to Switch off the router and unplug it from the power source adapter.
  • Make sure to link it to the adapter again after 30 Seconds and turn it on.
  • Now commence some testing and check out the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 4: Reset The Window Socket TCP Stack

Windows socket is also a program, which can be responsible for managing the network incoming and outgoing stuff such as internet explorer.

If you face any complications, then you can easily overcome it by resetting its setting.  There is no need to worry, all you have to follow some simple instruction and overcome the hurdles with ease.

  • To begin with, tap on the windows and press R along with it. The Run dialog will appear.
  • Now write the CMD in it and enter.
  • The black colored screen will appear and just type the same command as given below.
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • nbtstat -R
  • nbtstat -RR
  • netsh int reset all
  • netsh int ip reset
  • netsh Winsock reset

CMD Internet Explorer

The procedure will take some time, but don’t worry it will get rid of the hurdles with ease.  After the completion of the process, restart the Internet Explorer and use it systematically.

Solution 5: Reset Security Zone.

This is also the best technique to resolve the obstacles to access the internet explorer.  All you need to do is open the Internet Explorer setting and reset the security option with ease.

Final Statement

On the whole, there is no need to be got troubled anymore. Just read the above-mentioned stuff and overcome all the complications with ease.

You might be familiar with the elements of the Internet Explorer, which makes the users to easily use the service of internet.  So, don’t be afraid of complications and use the Internet Explorer easily.

How to FIX “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Problem!

“Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” is a BIOS problem message, which occurs in the PC.  This sorts of complications appear when the BIOS having some issues with to locate the System’s Drive.

However, sometimes, these hurdles arise due to the Bootable Devices.

In addition, if you are facing these types of complications, then read the listed below situation to understand the hassles conveniently.

  • In case, if the users trying to utilize the USB to make it Bootable, then the software isn’t working appropriately. It creates BIOS Error complications in the windows. So, it is better to allocate any other software to get rid the hassles with ease.
  • In situation, you have purchased new PC or laptops for yourself and facing this problem in it. There is no need to worry about it. It can happens when the user’s device don’t have operating system installed. So download and commence installation process into your PC to ease the complications.
  • Mainly, if you having this hassle accidentally or maybe your hard disk isn’t able to detect by the BIOS. So, it is quite simple that the HDD got expired or having some other issue in it.

What is Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device?

To begin with it is the chip, which is available in the Computer’s Motherboard known as the BIOS Chip.

This is the chip, which supports the PC systems to commence without facing any sorts of complications.

Reboot and Select device

There are tons of users who still unaware about this chip in their system. Due to this, they are unable recognize the issues and face disappointment afterward.

How to resolve it? Well, there are numerous sorts’ methods available, which allow the users to use their PC without any more hurdles.

So, in order to attain such knowledge, read the given below techniques.

Technique 1 The most convenient method to get rid of this complication is to make sure the features of the boot system working appropriately or not. To check the boot order, follow these following steps such as:

  • Restart your PC or Laptop.
  • Tap on the important key to open the BIOS menu. There are lots of keys available, which can be used to activate such menu.  Mainly, the button work different in the various devices, so it is better to press them all. Keys are presented in the form of:  ESC, Del, F2, F8, F10 or F12.
  • Afterward, the blue colored screen will appear in front of you. However, if it will represents multiple keys, and then try to locate the BIOS step or Menu.
  • Go to the Boot option.
  • Transform the boot sequence and list the PC’s HDD first.
  • Save this changed setting.
  • Restart the computer.

Technique 2 There are lots of PC, which have UEFI rather than BIOS system. So, it is normal for the users, who are having the Legacy mode option.

Boot Configuration

It generally activates the Reboot and select appropriate Boot device hassle to appear.  If you are facing this type of obstacle, then users can easily disable the Legacy Mode and commence their PC:

  • Restart the computer.
  • Press the necessary buttons to open the UEFI menu. Most importantly, it depends on the brand of the PC to activate such option. So, it is advisable to press F2, F8, F12 or Del key to open the menu.
  • Turn the Legacy feature off. Mostly, it can be listed at the Security option > Legacy support.
  • Save the transformed Setting.
  • Restart the PC.


On the whole, overcome these sorts of hassles with ease.  Just follow the above-mentioned mechanism in order to gain success conveniently.

How to Update Drivers from Device Manager

Do you want to upgrade your PC’s drivers? Well if yes, then you have come to right place.  As we know, there are lots of people who find it hard to understand the level enhancement procedure.

So, follow the given below instruction to upgrade the drivers. How to update drivers? Drivers update for Windows 10 and numerous devices for instance network adapters and others.

These sorts of functions are automatically downloaded and installed during the window update.

Updating Drivers in Device Manager

On the flip side, if you already have the most recent drivers. But users are facing any sorts of complications, and then repair conveniently it by cognizing through installing the drivers again.

Video Instructions

Steps to Update Drivers in Device Manager

  • Choose the Start button, and write Device Manager. Select the option according to the list of the search outcome.
  • Expand one of the categories to locate the name of the device, then followed by finding right-click option and choosing update driver.
  • To upgrade the graphics cards, expand the Display adapter’s option and click graphics card to choose the update driver.
  • Tap on the Search automatically for upgraded driver software.

Most importantly, if the PC Window isn’t able to find any kind of new driver, then the better option is to search for it on producer’s website.

Update Drivers Online

How to reinstall the drivers? Well, firstly open the device manager and click and hold to choose the uninstall option.  Restart your computer and Window will commence the producer to reinstall the drivers.

How To Install Update In AMD Catalyst Drivers in Windows 8.1

Follow the listed below following instruction to learn about the procedure. Allocate the procedure appropriately to upgrade the drivers in the perfect manner. Steps are:

  • Shut off all the activated applications in the PC including the anti-virus, firewall and other protective apps. This thing is necessary before attempting to install the AMD catalyst drivers.
  • When the downloaded installation file is commences, a security prompt will pop up. Tap Run to start the procedures of installation.
  • Note, during the procedure the Window users account control will appear to ask permission to move forward. Choose the Yes option and install the driver without facing any sorts of complications.
  • Choose the folders to install the drivers. Set the location appropriately; otherwise, it will lure tons of hurdles during the mechanism.
  • Extraction process commences and saved to the user’s defined location.
  • Select the comfortable language. The AMD catalyst install manage offers the users to select the language accordingly.
  • If you are reinstalling the driver, then install and uninstall option will appear. Select the uninstall option to resolve the issues with previous drivers.
  • It will take some time to install it; so, wait for a while.
  • After the process of installation, click on the restart option to finish the procedure in the right manner.

Update Drivers Online

On the whole, there is no need to worry if you don’t know about updating the driver. Just scroll up and learn the methods carefully and upgrade successfully with ease.