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How to Use Apple Watch with Android Phone?

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It is true that the Apple watch is one of the desired tools, which Android users want to access.  If you are one of them, then you have come to right place.

Here you will attain enough information regarding using the Apple watch with the Android phone.  Just scroll down and follow the steps accordingly to get access with ease.

Apple Watch

Things Required to Access the Apple Watch with Android Device are:

  • A Sim exclusion tool.
  • A factory-reset Apple watch series 3 GPS along with the cellular watch.
  • A wide-open Android mobile phone with a micro sim card slot.
  • An unlocked iPhone with the minimum of iOS 8.0.
  • A cellular network, which supports both cellular as well as Apple watch series 3 GPS.

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Cognize How To Make Your Apple Watch Work With An Android Phone

Follow the following steps appropriately in order to get access to the Apple watch with the Android Smartphone.

Step 1: Take away the Sim card from both iPhone and your Android device as well.

Step 2:  Insert your Android Smartphone’s Sim card into the iPhone device.

Step 3:  Once the data connection activates, then you need to open the watch applications on the iPhone.

Step 4:  Afterward, set up your Apple watch and append it to your carrier’s cellular network.

Step 5:  Complete setting up the Apple watch.

Step 6:  Now, shift your Sim cards from iPhone to the Android device.

Step 7:  Switch the Airplane mode on and off in order to make sure the Apple watch connects to its cellular network or not.

Step 8:  At last, you can conveniently use your Apple watch with the support of the Android mobile phone.

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Final Terms

In the nutshell, if you are looking to operate the apple watch with the android device, then there is no need to worry about it now.

Read the above-mentioned information and understand the writing to control apple watch without making too much effort.  Use it Android device and enjoy!

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