What to do When your Twitter Account is Hacked?

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There is no doubt in the fact that Twitter is widely popular social networking website. It is one of the best platforms and also called as the safest one.

Politician, celebrities, and normal people, all use this platform to tweet. Despite being the safest platform, the hacking account on twitter is possible.

Twitter Hacking is Possible?

It can take too much time to an ethical hacker but hacking an account is achievable.

If you are someone whose twitter account is hacked as you can find suspicious activities like new posts and all then you need to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Twitter hacked

It is really important to take that account down before it causes any issue to you or your privacy.  So, the question is what to do? Well, the below given are common things to try out.

Request For Password Reset

Getting the access to the same account as soon as possible is really important. First of all, head over to password reset option by going for Forget password option.

This option will work for people who have attached a recovery account to the main account. Check out recovery mail and recover the account and change password.

On the other hand, remove all the logs and set two-factor authentications to never face any issue.

Contact Support

Most hackers try to remove all your recovery mail and such other information so that you don’t face a single issue. In such conditions, you can’t recover an account.

It is better that you head over to contact support option and provide you legit IDs to ensure that it’s you for real.

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You need to use the recovery mail to contact with Tweeter support and it will help you know that what to do next. These are some effective solutions to try out.

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